Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter dresses!

Mom finally bought the fabric for our Easter dresses! We take our picture on Sunday. 
Nothing like cutting it close. 

Mom ordered these adorable egg patches from Patch Nation on Etsy. So cute!

We'll post pictures when the dresses are done. 

The egg patches will be sewn on for the picture then removed. These gorgeous dresses will also double as our evening gowns for the parade in November!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tummy Trouble Update part 2

So Isabelle's tummy trouble turned out to be giardia. Not a fun bug to have. All three of us got treatment since two of us have been known to snack on poop. Mom has a theory that Petunia brought the mess in the house from eating some nasty neighborhood cat poop, then spread it to the rest of us. 

So another week, no birthday burger! 
The Panacur plus the Clavamox was not being kind to Isabelle's tummy, 
and she would not have enjoyed it. 

However, today she's feeling a lot better. Perky almost. 
Tomorrow, we're going to eat her birthday cake!

Check out the awesome treat our Aunt Erin and Uncle Pete brought Isabelle from Texas! 

Mom said we can all get one piece, but Isabelle gets the rest!

And, check this out! 

No more black tongue! Maybe it was the Pepto!

Lastly, a moment of silence for Roxy's  cast iron tummy. 
She told us that she can no longer eat anything and everything. 
We'll raise a burger in your honor.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tummy trouble update

We visited the vet this afternoon about my tummy troubles. Dr. Johnson said no birthday burger for a week! Can you believe it! I'm an old lady! I might not last a whole week!

I've also been having some potty issues overnight and my tongue has turned black. I am falling apart! 

This is a seriously unflattering selfie, mom. 

The vet tech had a hunch that my tongue turned black because I've taking Pepto-bismol for a week. Our vet had never heard that before, but we are under strict instructions to report back on my tongue color after stopping Pepto. 
Have any of you ever heard of that? 

Anyway, we got two weeks' worth of antibiotics to battle the bugs.
I'm sleeping it off, just biding my time until my birthday burger. The vet said I was actually on the thin side and could use a few extra treats. 
Bring them on!