Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pugapalooza Part 2 Activities

Every year, mom tries to make Pugapalooza even more fun than the previous year. She and her co-organizers Jeanette and Chad, totally rocked it this year. 

First, we had our tried and true things.

Bobbing for hot dogs and the cool pools
This is our friend Buddy. His dad designed our t shirts for Pugapalooza!
He comes to our birthday parties, too. 

The pool with the pug in it has the hot dogs. He's no dummy.

Digging for treats. The shredded paper hides treats that we get to dig for.

Dog Walk. Like a cake walk, except instead of cakes, the dogs win treat bags!
We walked around a circle on colored bones to Mardi Gras music!

The Kissing Booth. 
This booth was made by Sequoia and Tuni's mom. It's totally squee, btw.

We had Pug Races

and our Frosty Paws eating contest.
Tip from the winner, get rid of that paper cup. It just slows you down. 

Tomorrow, the big events!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pugapalooza Part 1

Tallulah here!
Just wanting to give you the first recap of Pugapalooza 2011: Mardi Paws!

We had a blast!

You can kind of see our tutus in Mardi Gras colors.
Petunia begging for a treat.

Here's Tallulah in action, strutting her stuff.
Here's mom with Isabelle and her float.
Isabelle won first prize in the float competition!

Mom was not the only human who dressed up, but more on that later.

Isabelle's dress was made by Punchy and was SPECTACULAR! 
She made this in a day. 


Isabelle was not the most cooperative model however.

She's just grumpy because all the fun is over. 

Here's her float, too. We aren't sure if anyone got a picture of her actually in the float or not.
Mom's gotten more than 400 pictures from Pugapalooza from other people. 
Don't worry, we won't be posting them all.

More on Pugapalooza fun later!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Making up for lost time

We had some catching up to do this weekend!
First, our pug meet up was Saturday morning. We ran and ran around the park for an hour. Then we crashed. But we sure had fun!

Isabelle doesn't go to the Peta park because it's right next to the Elizabeth River. There's even a ramp leading into the river for doggies who like to swim. Mom is worried that Isabelle will fall in the water. She doesn't see too well and her back legs are a little wobbly.

And good thing, too! Another puggy that has vision problems fell right in! Fortunately, she was fished out quickly. Lucky pug got cooled off!

To make it up to Isabelle, she got to go shopping. Mom had a bunch of Pugapalooza flyers to put up in the pet stores and she had to get stuff for the raffle. 

Poor Isabelle. Had to ride around in the truck. Had to go to Wendy's and get a treat from the nice lady at the window. And eat a chicken nugget. 

Then she forced herself to eat treats at the Care-a-lot outlet store, the main Care-a-lot store, Petco and Petsmart. Being the spokespug for Pugapalooza is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Mom scored some really sweet stuff! She got us two new baby pools since ours sprung leaks. And she got a $100 doggy stroller for $25! And travel food and bowls to go into the traveling pug basket. Pugapalooza is going to have some seriously awesome raffle items. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

We're Back!

Mom is done with school! WHOO-HOO!

And we have big news!

First, Pugapalooza! It's the 3rd annual Pugapalooza, and this year's theme is Mardi Paws! It's going to May 21 from 1-4 at the Ballentine Bark Park, our neighborhood dog park. It's going to be totally kewl!

Check out the details here! If you live near Norfolk, Virginia, you should come. We've had folks come from Richmond and North Carolina! It's so worth the drive. If you are coming from out of town, leave mom a comment. She'll hook you up!

If anyone has anything they'd like to donate for Pugapalooza, LET US KNOW! We can use anything and everything. Maybe you got a pug thing for Christmas and don't really have a place for it. Send it to us and we will sell or raffle it. Someone will love it!

We have to say, we really miss Sequoia and Tuni right now. They always had awesome costumes. And their parents were so awesome to help out at Pugapalooza when they were here. Their mom made the best photo booths. If we can find a kissing pug, we will use her wonderful kissing booth again this year. We really miss them.

We've got to give a shout out to Wilma and her mom, too. Tallulah won the Bad Girls contest a little while back and got a sweet gift certificate to CSN for all her badness. We used it to buy some things for Pugapalooza, so thanks Wilma!

Second, our mom is a founding member of a new pug rescue in Virginia. Pugs U Gotta Save (P.U.G.S)
The paperwork to be non-profit has been turned in, so we're just waiting on the official word.  It's unfortunate that we adorable pugs need so much rescuing, but it's true.

We know a lot of you volunteer with your local rescues and we salute you. If you don't volunteer, please consider it. There's lots you can do to help pugs.

  • You can check references. You can do that without even leaving home!
  • You can transport pugs from one place to another. 
  • You can foster. It's really hard and it's not for everyone. 
  • You can volunteer at events.
  • You can raise money.
  • You can design posters and websites.
  • You can make stuff to sell like clothes and bellybands and blankets.
  • You can make stuff to sell like wine bottle charms and ornaments.
If you can do it, someone can be helped by it. So volunteer if you can. The pugs need you.