Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Almost over

Sandy seems to have blown through here finally. The wind is still blowing some, but we are going to bed. It's been a long weekend!

We send our prayers to our friends north of us who are dealing with Sandy now. 

Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo and family
Sid and his peeps
Macho, Mochi and Marshmallow and family
Scarlet and her parents
Pug Possessed family

So many people in the path of this storm. So many animals. We hope and pray that everyone is safe. 

Since we aren't on Facebook, if you hear news of anybody in the path, please let us know that they are okay. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Help P.U.G.S. in a cool way *Updated*

See there's this crazy game happening from 9 am Saturday to 9 am Sunday. It's called Escape for Good. People have 24 hours to get as far away from New York and back. The team that goes the farthest wins for their charity. Two guys in bunny suits picked PUGS!
You can follow their adventures on Twitter @rocco and @bucksurf.
They are going to meet us tomorrow at Pug-O-Ween in Richmond on their way further south.
Two guys in bunny suits, people! That's hilarious! Check out this picture. http://instagram.com/p/RQjhTxESOu/

You can help them raise money by visiting this website.

Help them escape New York so they can help pugs escape abuse and neglect!

Follow PUGS on Twitter too! @pugsugottasave

Rocco and John didn't make it to Pug-O-Ween, but we did pick them up at the Greyhound station in Richmond and drove them to Norfolk. 
Here they are coming out of the station.


Here we are before hopping (get it) in the car. 

Giant bunny heads don't fit inside small cars very well, so they did take their heads off.

Petunia gets a little love from John.

Turns out, John has a puggle named Shiloh. 
They picked our rescue because we have a cool name! P.U.G.S. stands for Pugs U Gotta Save. They thought that was cool so they decided to raise money for us. 

We still don't know who won yet, but we know they made it all the way to Miami or further. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they are stuck in sunny Florida because the airports in New York are closed due to Sandy. 

We'll let you know what happens!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ah poop

Looks like the East Coast is going to be soggy soon.
We hope our friends to the north will be okay!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Southern Fried Pugs Come Home!

Overall, we had the most wonderful time. It was so awesome to meet our blogger and Twitter friends in real life. Pug people are truly special people who think nothing of driving miles from home to meet each other and hours out of their way to help a new friend in need. In the cold rain. 

We crashed pretty hard once we got home. It was Thursday before we were back to our old tricks. 

Tallulah's eye is improving, but it's not 100% yet. The ulcer spread out over her cornea and required a serum made from her blood to treat it. She is only squinty when she's tired. Thank pug for pet insurance!

We all need to have a huge meet up of the 1000 Pugs! when the book comes out and pawtograph all the copies!

We loved meeting everyone! 
And if you ever want to see our part of the world, our dog beds are your dog beds. 

PS, mom is on the hunt for a doggy John Deere cap that doesn't cost a fortune. If anyone sees one locally, please let us know! Or if anyone has one we could borrow, that would be even better! We need it for the parade in November. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Southern Fried Pugs Take Manhattan!: Little pugs in the big city

Sunday, we had big plans to go into the big, bad city of New York. Manhattan and Washington Square Park, specifically. The Sunday 1000 Pugs! shoot was headquartered there, and we were going to meet up with more friends!

Unfortunately, mom woke up with one of those migraines that made her really sick to her stomach. So bad that if she took the medicine to help her headache, she would not be able to keep it down. She was dizzy and couldn't even stand up straight. She had some medicine to help with upset tummy but had never tried it. Even after taking it, she knew that she would not be able to drive into the city. That would take way too much concentration that she just didn't have.

But Wilma's mom to the rescue! A true pug hero, she offered to drive all of us into the city for the meet up then drive all the way back to the hotel. Now, they live an hour to the north of the city, and our hotel was an hour south of the city. So awesome woman that she is, she went two hours out of her way to make sure that we got to go. We absolutely <3 her! She completely saved the day.

Believe it or not, there's five pugs back there. 

It was cold and rainy in Manhattan, but so worth it because we got to see Tim and Christy again! And Scarlet's mom for a little bit. And a brief glimpse of Sid and his people. Plus, we got to see Marshmallow, Mochi and Macho and their people! They are adorable!

Washington Square Park
Pugs took over the small dog park, and it was just like yesterday. So many people stopped to take pictures of all of us! We are going to wind up on so many people's Facebook pages. The puparrazi attention has gone to our heads!

Waiting for treats! There's half of Petunia, Wilma, Sluggo and Brigitte.

We heard this was a fountain in the summer. The water was turned off to get ready for winter. 

Petunia and Brigitte checking out some pee mail.

Tallulah now automatically poses when someone holds up a phone. 

What the pug? Why are you out there, and     we're in here?

It's not a big park, but not too bad for little dogs like us. 
It's Kathy, Christy and mom! And all six of us pugs. Mom's bundled in the coat because we are southerners. We don't do 70 degrees or less. 
 Look, it's Miss Amanda again! She had to jump on a bench to get away from the voracious pugs. Treats!

We're chilling on the park bench. 

Puglet apparently has this thing about sitting on stuff. This time is was someone's foot!

We hung at the park for a few hours, getting super dirty and wet. Then it was time to go. Although the headache thing was a pain (literally), it worked out for the best. Mom never would have made it into and out of the city intact. The folks here drive on the offensive. We are southern and were raised to be polite, even when we don't want to be. Mom would never have lasted in the traffic to the tunnel. Again, a huge thanks to Wilma's mom for braving the city with six pugs.

Sluggo, sleeping on his mom's arm.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Southern Fried Pugs Take Manhattan! Dinner and a show

After everyone finished their photo shoot, we headed over to No Joe's Cafe on Broad Street for a late lunch/early dinner. Now, we've never been out to eat before so this was very exciting! 

Broad Street
No Joe's Cafe, home of the Beasty Burgers

We were actually pretty well behaved. Honestly, we were tired, too tired to be too dramatic.

Tallulah's eye is still pretty swollen.
Don't worry, Tallulah. I will keep watch since you are half blind because of me.

Marshmallow is ready to eat!

That's mom, Wilma's mom and Marshmallow's moms.
Plus Marshmallo, Wilma, Sluggo, Brigitte and Isabelle in the strollers. We are hiding behind mom.

There was a grand total of seven pugs and four humans at two tables. We caused such a stir!
It was crazy! People would walk by and squeal at us. People took pictures like we were celebrities. We felt like Puglet must feel! It got silly after a while because the humans couldn't even finish a bite without someone talking to us. 

We even met another pug! No picture of her though. She was owned by a real life Guido (if that isn't too offensive). He looked like those people on tv, very muscled, hair very gelled, very thick accent to our Southern ears. Unfortunately, his pug Daisy was NOT on a leash. We were kind of worried that she would get hurt with all the traffic. She wasn't very pug-like and actually came when her owner called! What the pug?

After dinner (with no eatables for us!), we headed back to the hotel. Wilma and her crew were staying at the same place. They came over to hang out after us pugs all got to eat.

After the excitement of the day, we were all pretty beat. Brigitte crashed on the floor.  

Some of us girls made ourselves comfortable on the bed. 
Three pugs in a row. 
That's Petunia, Tallulah and Wilma at the back.

Wilma is just too cute for words. She was tye-tye. 

PS, Happy 10-11-12!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Southern Fried Pugs Take Manhattan!: Our day to shine

Saturday was our day in the spotlight, our long awaited 1000 Pugs! photo shoot. It was in Red Bank, New Jersey, about 45 minutes from our hotel.

The day was beautiful! The sun was shining, the breeze was cooling and we were darling.

Panoramic shot from mom's new iPhone. 
Our shoots went great! Miss Amanda was so nice and so generous with the treats. She was very gracious and let mom take pictures of her taking pictures.

We quickly learned that her arrival meant treats so every time she came back around, we totally begged for more treats.
Yup, that's Petunia all up in her face. Tallulah isn't far behind.
You can see we weren't alone in that!
Scarlet and her mom drove all the way in just to meet up with us and some other pugs. Isn't that awesome? 
Scarlet is a sweet pie!

Not long after our shoot, Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo arrived! 
It's Wilma! She is even more adorable in person! We had a hard time believing she is a founding member of the Bad Girls Club.. 

 And here's Brigitte! Check out those ears. So unbearably cute! 

This is the best we got of Sluggo at that point. He's in the middle. 

We got to meet Puglet! He one chill pug. Except when skateboarders or bicycles came around. But other than that, he was so relaxed at all the attention!

We, on the other hand, did go a little poodle on each other, again. Mom decided to take us for a walk around the park to tire us out. We went all the way to the water front. 

When we got back, there were even more people and pugs around. 
This is Marshmallow. Is he not adorable? Just look at that face. 

Here's Puglet again. He is so used to the camera.

See, we weren't the only ones who learned that Miss Amanda equals treats. That's Wilma getting some yummies. 

Pugs and their people. It was an awesome day!

Next post, dinner!