Saturday, June 27, 2015

Birthday bacon!

It's supposed to be the shape of an 8. 

First attempt at Periscope!

Happy birthday to us!

We are 8 today! 
Officially joining the ranks of senior pugs. 
There will be bacon and steak this weekend! Stay tuned for more pictures! 
Way back when we were babies!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Butterfly release

It was an eventful animal week for mom. Normally, she stays in her office and crunches numbers. 
One of mom's co-workers raises butterflies. He gave two cocoons to some other coworkers. One of them was out when her butterfly emerged, so mom got to help with the release. 

This is a swallowtail butterfly. Butterflies are important because they help pollinate flowers. 

After it emerged from the cocoon, she waited an hour so that the wings could dry.

Then she took the butterflies outside to the nearest bush with flowers. This provides a food source. 
This butterfly flapped its wings a few times, then flew away. 

This one hung out for a little while longer, exploring the nandina bush. 
Yay for butterflies!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Baby Ducks!

This week, mom got called in to take care of some baby ducks in a city fountain. Now, this isn't really her job, but let's just say that when the mayor's office calls, you jump into action. Or lose your job. :(

Turns out, the ducklings did not need rescuing. Which mom found out after catching nine ducklings in the fountain.

Oh well, she got to play in the fountain on a hot day, and she got to hold baby ducks!

They are still in the fountain with their mom. 
Hopefully, they'll stay there until they are big enough to fly away.