Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's a girl!

Isabelle Annabelle Rose is now a permanent member of our family.
Her official Gotcha Day is February 27 because that's when the paperwork went through.

Miss Baby Belle has been our foster pug since March 2009. Like Quincy, she was in pretty sorry shape when she got here. With lots of love, good food and a teeny bit of exercise, she's really turned around. She weighed 23.75 pounds! She shuffled along with severely overgrown nails and arthritis. 

Now she weighs about 17 pounds. With her weight loss, plus lots of good joint stuff and mild exercise, Isabelle runs and scampers like a pug should. She even stands up on her back legs when it's time to eat. She couldn't do that when she first got here. 

For almost two years, Isabelle never ever used a potty pad. Instead, she preferred to pee on stuffies.  Not the hundred million dog beds on the floor, just the toys that Petunia LOVES.
Mom always thought it was Quincy but after he started wearing bellybands, she knew it had to be Isabelle. Still, she put down potty pads every day, hoping that one day someone would use it.

Here's the amazing thing.

After Mom told her that she was a permanent member of the family and would never leave us,
Isabelle started using potty pads.

Despite being deaf and being a pug and all, somehow Isabelle knew.
Who knows why after two years this old dog learned a new trick, but she did.

If you don't think your pugs understand what you say, don't be so sure.
Isabelle understood.

So welcome to the family officially, Isabelle.
Mom has loved you since you came here and
she will love you and take care of you for the rest of your days.
We may still fight like sisters do, but you are our sister, now and forever.

And yes, she'll be getting a shirt with her name on it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New duds

Well, not really new anymore. You've seen them on our blog header, our custom t-shirts. And from our dog park post. 

See, one of the prizes at MangoMinster was from Furry Twang
Mom saw that name and had to go check them out. 

Oh. My. Pug. 

It's a company that makes doggy shirts and bandanas and other really cute stuff. All with southern sayings on them. 

If you're a southern dog, you know exactly what we mean. 
If you aren't southern, well, bless your heart. 

Right away, mom had to order us some shirts. 

First, there were shirts for Tallulah and Petunia so folks can tell us apart. 

Then, we had to get our blog shirts. Aren't they a hoot? 

So if you need a custom shirt for a pug or other dog, you should check them out. 
Ms. Jodi is a sweetheart and will put all kinds of stuff on a shirt or bandana for you. 
We are sure she'd even put something northern sounding, too. 
That's just how southerners are.

And if you are a southern doggy, you just have to look at all the stuff she has. She even has the apostrophe in the right place in "y'all." 

Every puggy needs a custom blog shirt, right? You know who you are.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Styling and Pug Piling

Are we stylish?


That's like asking if we are hungry. 
We are, by the way. 

We were so honored to be awarded this award by Wilma, Kitty + Coco and Minnie Moo!

We are supposed to share seven things you may not know about us.

1. Tallulah and Petunia were born in North Carolina.
2. Tallulah was the first born, Petunia was the third.
3. Mom was only supposed to get one of us and couldn't decide.
4. Isabelle is a very light sleeper for a deaf pug.  
5. Petunia starts out under the covers at night but gasses her self out and has to come up for air.
6. Isabelle has to wear the cone of shame so Mom can grind her nails. 
7. Isabelle really enjoys her yogurt.

Now we have to paw it forward and award this to other stylish bloggers. 
We are going to break the rules and award this to some of our pug peeps on Twitter, too. 
They may not have blogs yet, but they tweet it up.

@MurphieJo (She blogs, too.)
@BeefyPug (Also a blogger)
@Lilopug (Another blogger)

If you are on Twitter, check them out!

And if you are near Indiana, you have to go check out March in the Pugs tomorrow! It's a fundraiser for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue and word on the street is that it will be a blast. 
Lots of treats (baked by some fellow pug bloggers), 
lots of goodies at the raffle table, 
lots of puggy cuteness. 

It is so worth the $3.50 a gallon gas to go.