Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Sunday!

 Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prayers for Vinny

Today, Vinny is having surgery to repair his liver shunt. 

Send your most positive thoughts and prayers to him, his mom and even Vito.  
Vito probably won't admit it, but we bet he's anxious, too. 

And awesome job, blogworld! We helped raise all the money for Vinny's surgery! 
From tweets to blog posts, the power of pugs prevails!
If only they'd let us work out this whole debt ceiling thing....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Urban Hounds gave us the Versatile Blogger award!

We are honored. A little peeved that we have to let mom hog the blog, but then again, she does feed us.

So seven things about mom.

1. She's a smarty pants. Working on her doctorate in public administration. About 3 more years to go! Puts a crimp on our time, but she claims it will bring in more treat money later on.

2. She drives a ratty old pickup truck. It's been breaking down a lot, so we are hoping to get a pugmobile this fall. Fawn colored interior, of course!

3. She learned Korean for the Air Force. She hated it and was glad she never had to go to Korea.

4. She trained us in Chinese. Gotta be different. So now we can ignore "sit" in two languages!

5. Her sister is her best friend. The plan is to find a great place to live (somewhere southern!) where they can either share a big house or live next to one another. We have to wait a few more years until Uncle John retires from the Army, then they hope to at least be in the same time zone.

6. She likes to call herself Martha Vila. She channels Martha Stewart to sew and craft and cook and Bob Vila to build stuff. She has some really cool power tools.

7. She plans on having really blue or purple hair when she gets old. Why not?

We are passing this award on to seven bloggers we'd like to know more about. Definitely hard to pick just seven!

The Pug Posse
The Pugs Strike Back
Wilma the Pug
Kitty + Coco

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thinking cool thoughts

 This weekend while it's melting hot,

remember that this is only months away.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pool info

Some pugs have asked about our pool set up.

The pool is 12' in diameter. The water depth is about 20-24", but the inflatable ring adds a couple of inches to the height.

We got ours at Big Lots, but they seem to be out of stock. So here's the Walmart version. It comes with a filter pump. We change the filter once a week or so, if we use it a lot that week. The pug hair can clog it up. We do use a chlorine float to keep the algae to a minimum. The chlorine doesn't bother anyone's skin, but a good rinse off with the hose should help if anyone is sensitive.

The pool is on a patio. Mom puts down 4'x8' sheets of insulation, the foam kind with a silver backing, then puts the pool on top of that. It protects the pool from rubbing a hole in it from the pavers, and it provides a little insulation to help the pool warm up. If we lived further south, we'd probably have a big bed of sand for the pool area.

We have two ottomans made of faux wicker (resin).

 One in the pool, one out of the pool. This lets us pugs get in and out of the pool safely. They always go in the same place so we always know where to go. Although we can stand up on our back legs and have our heads out of the water and mom doesn't let us get in the pool without her, the ottomans stay where they are, just in case.

If any pugs out there want to try swimming, we do recommend life jackets. Isabelle wears one. She's a terrible swimmer, but it's really good exercise for her. She's a senior, black pug with a partially collapsing trachea and arthritis. Walks aren't really much of an option in the summer.

So mom makes her swim a few laps and wobble on the foam board for 10 minutes. It keeps her cool and helps strengthen her joints.

Anyway, Isabelle wears the life jacket because she would totally sink. Our friend Elliott who stays with us sometimes is even worse, even with the life jacket. Some pugs just aren't cut out for swimming.

We started swimming when we were little which probably made a big difference in how well we take to the water. But then again, Quincy loved to swim, too. He probably never went swimming before he came here. So you don't have to be a puppy to learn to like swimming.

And Petunia doesn't like to swim as much. She hops in to cool off, then gets out. She will swim some, but not that often. But as you all saw, Tallulah loves to swim. And mom loves to swim or at least splash around to stay cool. So it is completely worth it for us.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer fun!

We have been really busy this summer. Tallulah is in training for the summer Puglympics.

Mom's not sure why the video looks awesome on her Mac, but crappy on Youtube.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cherish every minute

We never know how long we have with our loved ones. Cherish every minute you have because it's never long enough.

Send your love to Jess on the loss of Lilo.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Prayers for Lilo

Most of you probably follow Lilo, the Great Rock Eater already, but just in case.
Send her your prayers and most positive thoughts. She has a bad infection and spent last night in ICU at Perdue. She's still in an oxygen crate at another vet. Her mom posted her current status on her blog.

Just send your prayers to Lilo and Jess, her mom. Pug moms and dads know how awful it is to have a sick pug. And to be away from them when they need comfort is even worse.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Celebrate that we live in a country where pugs can blog freely. 
And only some people think our parents are crazy. 
What a wonderful nation.

Friday, July 1, 2011

All about Isabelle

Isabelle at the Mac today. Tallulah and Petunia had their party last week and now it's my turn in the spotlight. 
I love going out by myself with mom. We get some quality time that isn't possible with the three of us pugs together. And, to keep me from screaming in the truck, I get a special treat, Healthy Edibles. It keeps me quiet, and it's AWESOME!

So off on our adventure. 
First stop, CareALot to pick up the magnets of our pictures from Pugapalooza.

I made sure to insist on attention from everyone I could.

Next stop, Lowe's. 

Here I am shopping! Mom has these super ambitious plans to build a pergola over our pool patio this weekend. She built the patio by herself so she can probably do it. 

After that, we went to Taco Bell. 

Now, what I'm about to show you might be shocking. Shield young and delicate eyes.

See, mom gets me something special when we are out. I don't get to go very often, maybe once a month or so. Usually, it's chicken nuggets or something. Taco Bell is very close to Lowe's, and it serves Pepsi, mom's favorite. Well, she wasn't going to get me a taco. We might have iron stomachs, but a taco might be tempting fate. 

So I got Cinnamon twists. 

I won't apologize for these pictures. 
I'm a pug. 
I'm old.
Life's too short to act pretty when you eat. 

And they were delicious. 

I was gracious enough to share the rest with Tallulah, Petunia and Elliott, our houseguest for the week. 

Tallulah, shortly before she tried to take mom's finger off.
Petunia, look at the intensity on her face.

Elliott is an only pug so he's not used to fighting for crumbs. See Petunia, licking her chops? Yes, she did make a grab for Elliott's twist, but mom intervened. 

So forget pup cups, go for cinnamon twists!