Sunday, April 27, 2014

Awesome things 11-20

We are so behind on our awesome things list! 

11. SPRING! Spring is finally here for good, we think. After some false starts, it's really here. At least until summer comes blazing in. 

12. With spring comes new life and pretty flowers. 

13. Spring also means Peep season!
These are the first Peeps mom has ever seen that are the same color inside and out. And they didn't taste bad, either. If you like Peeps.

14. That means it's also Peep diorama season. A Peep diorama is created when people make scenes and use Peeps.

The Giant Rubber Duck is coming to Norfolk next month. A 40' tall inflatable rubber duck will float outside the Chrysler Museum. That is going to be an awesome thing on its own.

15. And for the first time ever, mom's peep diorama made it above the fold of the paper!
Her last two dioramas have made the paper, just on the inside pages. Although it isn't a contest, mom (and her partner) totally won. 

16. Tallulah's anxiety medication was put the test by a really bad thunderstorm this week. And it passed. 
Instead of whining and pacing, she gnawed happily on a yak chew.

17. Spring means that the windows and doors are opened, letting in sunbeams. 

18. Mom had her first conference presentation. It's one of those things important for school. A snowstorm kept lots of people away from the conference, but it didn't matter. Her name was in the book. 

19. Pugapalooza is only a few weeks away! 
May 10 from 12-4. Superheroes and Villains is our theme. 

20. Spring is on the list twice. Winter was so long and cold. We didn't have it as bad as friends to the north and west. The cold kept us inside, the dark made it sad. So grateful to be able to see the sun again, in person. Shaking off those cobwebs and gloom for another season. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter dresses!

Mom finally bought the fabric for our Easter dresses! We take our picture on Sunday. 
Nothing like cutting it close. 

Mom ordered these adorable egg patches from Patch Nation on Etsy. So cute!

We'll post pictures when the dresses are done. 

The egg patches will be sewn on for the picture then removed. These gorgeous dresses will also double as our evening gowns for the parade in November!