Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to all our friends and family!

May 2011 bring you lots of noms,

lots of bones and bully sticks and chewy stuff, 

lots of naps, 

lots of love. 

Here are our resolutions for 2011.
Live every day to the fullest. 
Tell your people and pugs that you love them every chance you get and mean it. 
Don't take anything for granted, especially the blessing you have in your life.
Don't let stuff get in the way of your dreams.
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowpocalypse Update

Well, we wound up with 16 inches in our yard. The official number is 14.2 inches at the airport. That makes it the third deepest snowfall since 1889.

But you can save your sympathy for the folks in the northeast. A friend of ours in New Jersey got 27 inches. Way too much snow for anybody. We hope all our friends up there are safe and warm.

And, it's going to be 59 on Saturday. We should be romping in mud by Wednesday.


Sunday, December 26, 2010


Whoever said, "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" should be made to come shovel our yard. 
And then we will bite their ankles.

Just in case you don't know, we live in southeastern Virginia. Average snowfall for a year? 7.8 inches. Average snowfall for December? 0.9 inches

As of 3:30 this afternoon, we had 14.5 inches. And it KEEPS COMING DOWN!
This morning, the snow was up to our pugbellies or about 5 inches. Mom had to carry all four of us out of the house. We're no dummies. We weren't going out in that icky cold wet stuff.
But she put us under the deck where the snow wasn't as bad. Tallulah was a big baby and wouldn't come out from under the deck so mom could pick her up to take her in. 

Can you see the path that mom cleared at 11:30? 
At the bottom of the deck steps, the snow is higher than the first step.

Our patio furniture looks like cupcakes with a ton of frosting.

But it does make for a pretty picture of our house.
Needless to say, we aren't going out in that mess. That snow is deeper than we are tall! We're only 12 inches at the shoulders! Thank Dog for potty pads and newspapers. 

We know this storm is headed up north, along the East Coast. So all our friends up that way, be careful and stay warm. Hope your parents have enough food and treats (and potty pads) to last you guys. 

UPDATE! Mom has Monday off of work! WHOO HOO!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmasssssnore

Santa came! 
 We got rawhide turkey legs.

Quincy and Isabelle got Healthy Edible bones.

We gnawed and chewed like beavers.

Then we crashed.

Hope everyone is simply exhausted from all the fun.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Santa Paws will be here soon! 
Even though we are celebrating with our extended family the first week in January,
 mom says that Santa Paws will come tonight and bring us goodies.
 And we will get some of them tomorrow, then even more when our family comes. 
Score! It's good to be a pug. 

So we are patiently waiting for Santa to come and doing our best to be nice. 
It's exhausting.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

North Carolina readers!

Please help find Frodo, the pug. He went missing on December 18th in Emerald Isle, NC and has apparently been the victim of theft. His owner is a member of the and posted a heart wrenching photo and story about his disappearance. If you see this dog anywhere near that area - please call the police!! He is micro-chipped and if scanned, can and will be returned to his owner, where he belongs. Dog theft is common around the holidays - people steal dogs to take home and give to their families, meanwhile they are destroying someone else's family.
Help get Frodo back to his rightful owner!
We all know how this would feel to us, so let's all help Diana find her baby and REPOST REPOST REPOST!!!

Copied from ladypugmugs' blog. 

Pugmas #2!

Holy hotdogs! Another package came today for us! This one is from Auntie Jan who has 9 pugs of her own, plus three more doggies! She has a big heart. We actually got to meet her last Christmas when we were driving through Georgia.

Back to our loot!

Posing pretty, waiting for mom to open the box. 
Here we are checking out all the goodies.

Can you believe all this stuff! A GINORMOUS bag of chicken treats! Two bags of sweet potato and chicken treats! A big box of cookies!
Plus, those adorable stuffed turtles that we plan to chew apart in 2011. 
And the Santa and Snowman are picture frames. Mom squeeed all over the kitchen over those frames. 

Auntie Jan knows us so well. 
We really were going to share. 
Especially since Mom will make us. 
Seriously though, we will share with Quincy and Isabelle, 
plus the four other doggies that are coming to visit us in two weeks. 

Merry Pugmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Letters to Santa Paws

We were inspired by Winston to post our letters to Santa. What a good idea!

Dear Santa man,
I want it all.
I'll give you kisses.

Dear Santa,
I want my sister to stop trying to hog all the treats and all the warm spots on the bed. And I want a big puffy ball like my friend Stitch has, and as many bully sticks and rib bones as I can eat, and a pretty Christmas dress, and a new harness and matching leash. And cookies. And bacon. And anything else you can stuff in my stocking.
Pugs and kisses,

Dear Santa,
We are going to be the bigger pugs and wish for world peace. And that all puggies in rescues get homes for Christmas. We wish that all our friends in blogland have great Christmases with their families and get everything they wish for. Please bring a pony for Trixie. At least a My Little Pony. But we wouldn't turn down some cookies and soft chewy treats!
Much love,
Quincy and Isabelle

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Pugmas!

Ever since we came to live with her, our mom has been a member of, a great site where pug lovers come together for friendship, advice and general pug adoration. Every year, they have a Secret Santa Paws exchange where members give cryptic clues and pugs get loot!

Well, the first of our packages has arrived! Since we are four pugs and most other people don't have that many, we got split up into two groups. So that means there's ANOTHER box coming! But back to this one. This one was for Quincy and Isabelle, but the very awesome Auntie Rae (with Gomer, Brooklyn and Cleo) sent some goodies for us, too!

The box passes Tallulah's sniff test.

Tallulah investigates, what could all these bags hold?

Look at this giant box with all that festive paper!

Tallulah, Petunia and Isabelle check out the bag for mom. 

Um, girls, that's Isabelle's bag.

Petunia really gets into her work.

Again, the bag for mom is sooo interesting. There are human cookies in there!

Tallulah and Petunia pose by Petunia's gifts. This was the only picture they would sit still for.
Petunia even has the fake, "take a picture already" smile. 

Isabelle sincerely appreciate the gifts, but hurry up and open the cookies already!

Quincy would not look up for the camera. He was far too interested in those Tastee Burg'rs!

OMD, the awesome prezzies! There were treats for all four of us and stuffies and ropes and chewies. And little stockings that were so pretty. Mom won't let us chew on those. So a big THANK YOU to Auntie Rae, Gomer, Cleo and Brooklyn for the wonderful gifts we got! We will have those treats taken care of before Christmas! And don't worry, the balls will find a good home at the SPCA.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

School is out!

Mom finally finished her last paper! And it's about time. We have been completely ignored and neglected and barely fed for months. Weeks of "here's a bully stick, girls and let momma write." Wait, she can keep that up.

So, this weekend, we get to decorate the house for Christmas. Since we've been here, we've always gone somewhere else for Christmas, so mom hasn't decorated. This year, we get our first Christmas tree. Unfortunately, she's on to us and has planned on putting it on a big table and putting a fence around it. So no opportunity to sniff the packages or pee on the tree skirt.
Mom's little tree in her office

And the best part is that everyone is coming here for the holiday! Our Nanna and Pappa are coming from Texas, and our Aunt Mandy, Uncle John and cousins Noah the Great Dane, David and Sheba the Pomeranians, and Noodle the Chihuahua are coming from Nebraska. We are celebrating the first week in January because Pappa is a minister and can't leave his church for Christmas. Mom says that works great for her, since Christmas is next week and the house is a train wreck. Don't think she's even found all the surprises we've left her around the house.

Bark at you later!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We met Santa!

We met Santa today! 
And we were very good girls. 
We even got treats for being so good. 

Hopefully, he will overlook all the bad stuff 
we've done this year and 
still bring us lots of treats.

Have you seen Santa yet?