Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where did summer go?

It was just here last week. Now it's rainy and cool, like fall. It's August, nature! Bring back our pool weather!

Mom starts her last semester of actual course work on Monday. That's a three week break between summer and fall semesters. Not enough time to do anything! She's been alternating between sleeping a lot (which we like) and cooking (which we also like). And going to her regular job, of course. 

Our chest freezer. Those blue lidded containers are our food.
She usually spends the summer cooking meals to freeze for those crazy days when she barely has time to eat. But because of classes, she saved all of it for now. And she still doesn't have enough stuff! But she did what she could. 

There's peach/blackberry muffins for breakfast, vegetables and chicken pot pies (a first!). That ought to get her through a few weeks. Plus, she got a Foodsaver vacuum sealer and has been going nuts, sealing stuff. Nerd. 

And awesome news! After four years, mom finally moved from a cube to a real office with a door! 
And she got a reserved parking space and everything!

See how the walls go all the way to the ceiling!

City view.

It even has a water view, if you squish to one side and look left. 

If you look beyond the blue roof, that's the Elizabeth River. 
But the gallery of us is the best view of all. 
No, she didn't get a promotion or a raise, just what the job deserved from the beginning. If your people work in a cube farm, they will understand. For anyone who hasn't experienced that joy, it's a really big deal. Mom is the only woman supervisor and the only supervisor without an office. Now she feels that her position is respected. If one supervisor has an office, they all should. And now they do!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Congratulations to Oliver!

Friday night, Oliver went to his forever home with a wonderful family.
 John and Diane are new volunteers with Pugs U Gotta Save and 
were a tremendous help with Pugapalooza. 

We will get to see Oliver and his new sister Daisy a lot. 
They'll be in the parade with us in November and at the meet ups plus all the PUGS events. 

Oliver really hit the jackpot with his new family, and we hope he lives a long and happy life with them. 

Congratulations, Oliver!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

National Night Out!

The summer semester is finally over, thank pug! Mom has a few weeks break until she starts back in the fall. We are going to try to catch up on laundry and dishes and swimming and naps!

So tonight we participated in National Night Out! We haven't been before because August and pugs usually aren't friends. But it was just cool enough for us to go.

National Night Out is celebrated all over the US (October in Texas). It's one night where neighbors get together to show support for one another and to tell the criminals that we do fight back for our neighborhoods. In our city, we celebrate a different neighborhood every year. We had a parade and a giant picnic. Unfortunately, we got rained out at the end, but it was okay. We totally scored a hot dog!

Mom, give us the hot dog!
 Come on already!
In baby bird news, things didn't go very well. We had nothing to do with the outcome, by the way. But one baby was taken to a wildlife rehabilitator where we are believing that she will survive and thrive. 

PS, secret shout out to one of our favorite people. We are super happy for you! Teal is your lucky color!