Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pug-O-Ween (part 1)

Whew, what a day! It was Pug-O-Ween day! We drove forever (an hour and a half) to get to Richmond, but it was so worth it. So many puggies in costumes! Enjoy!
Hokie Pug

Ballerina Pug being sniffed by Hotdog Pug

Mr. T and a Skeleton

Is there a Pug-O-Ween without a Yoda? And his name is Yoda.

Shark attacks elephant

Mr. Skeleton tells Shark to back off of his Elephant

Pink Puggerfly

Monarch Puggerfly

Sushi Roll was having a wardrobe malfunction


Hula Pug


Mr. Peacock was uncooperative with the photographer

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another surprise!

When mom got home from work today, there was another box in the mail. This one was a complete surprise. Mom had entered some pictures of us being lazy in a Twitter contest by Best Bully Sticks. And we won! They sent us a HUGE sample pack of bully sticks. Can you believe it?

There must be 25 pieces of bully stick in here! Including the new curly ones they have. We are definitely getting more of those because Tallulah can't swallow the swirly ones whole like she does with the other ones.

 Petunia enjoys her curly Q.

Isabelle enjoys her bully. And keep in mind,
Isabelle only has four teeth! But they all work.

Here are the pictures mom submitted on Twitter. We aren't sure which picture won, but who cares! We have bullies!
Tallulah is too lazy to change the channel.
Isabelle is too lazy to get the toy.
Petunia is just being lazy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Mom finally finished our costumes tonight. 
Our party is Saturday so she was cutting it really close. 
Anyway, here we are.

What two things always go together?
Bacon and eggs

Breakfast anyone?
Tallulah as bacon
Petunia as eggs
It's all about the noms, people.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lovely surprise

When mom came home from work today, there was a mysterious box on the front porch. Okay, so not really mysterious since it had address labels and all. But unexpected. Even though mom ordered this, she didn't think it would get here this fast.

What could it be?

Dresses from Punchy of Pug Possessed from her Etsy store

Petunia has already ripped the netting on her skirt (the lighter one), but it barely shows. We are going to get our pictures made on Sunday in these dresses and will show them off then. If you live in Tidewater Virginia, you should come get your picture taken. It raises money for a good cause and the pictures are really good. 

And for those of you keeping score at home, these dresses bring us up to a total of 26 dresses.

And Happy Birthday to our pal Minnie! Go tell her happy birthday if you haven't already. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

The best revenge is living well

Isabelle here. I can't believe that picture was posted of me yesterday. That was almost a year ago! And the angle was so unflattering. As was the sweater. But it was painfully cold last year, so you do what you have to do to stay warm. 

Anyway, here I am in the summer, looking completely adorable and svelte, don't you think?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010


A while back, Mom said she would post a better picture of our swimsuits. 
Here's the best of the pictures. 
Tallulah, thinking that she should have said global warming
 instead of world peace at the swimsuit pageant.

Petunia refused to pose. Diva pug. 
Now she's pouting.
And yes that is a Disney Princess fold out sofa bed. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Senior Spotlight

Quincy and Isabelle went to Care-A-Lot pet store for some shopping.
Senior vitamins-check
Treats with glucosamine-check
Extra glucosamine-check
Lots of attention for the cute seniors-check

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Night Smackdown

Pink and white checks take down black and pink polka dots.

Snarly face

Petunia makes the jump to hyperspace. Tallulah is sad that she's left behind.


But funnier upside down.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tallulah's dirty secret

This is what Tallulah looks like on a normal day.

This is what she looked like after gnawing on a saddle bone like a wild animal.
My name is Tallulah and I have a problem.

She chewed on the bone so much that she rubbed the pigment off of her lips. 

She'll be checking into bone-hab soon.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our first award!

 1. Please thank the dog who gave this to you, and link to them.

Our friends Minnie and Mack and Minnie and Lincoln gave us this award this week. Thank you so much! 

2. Name 10 (yes 10) things about yourself. Try to be as creative as possible.
We are going to share a few things about us and about Quincy and Isabelle, too. 

1. Tallulah is the oldest from her litter, Petunia was born 3rd.
2. Mom was only supposed to pick one puppy, but couldn't really decide which one of us was cuter. 

3. Petunia once bit through someone's fingernail. He interfered in a sister fight. 

4. We have more than 100 pieces of dog clothing. 

5. We have two Pomeranian aunts named Sassy and Dicha and four doggy cousins- David the Pomeranian, Noodle the Chihuahua, Sheba the Pomeranian and Noah the Great Dane. Plus kitty brothers and sisters and cousins.

6. Isabelle used to weigh 23.75 pounds. She's down to 18 now. 

7. Quincy used to weigh 24.75 pounds. He's down to 19 now.

8. Isabelle only has four teeth, but LOVES a good bone or bully stick.

9. Quincy gets really excited when our meals are being prepared and runs in circles. Sometimes he bumps into stuff so mom has to put him in his stroller so he doesn't hurt himself.

10. We are all going to be in our city's Christmas parade in November. The theme of our parade is the movies, so we are doing Men in Black. Mom's going to decorate a wagon like a space ship for Quincy and Isabelle to ride in and we are going to walk.

3. Then, award 15 doggie bloggers. It doesn’t matter whether they are old or new. All furends deserve this.
We are spreading the love around.
1. Little Miss Pearl
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4. Beefy Pug
5. Murphie Jo
6. Arliss the Pug
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14. K-9 Katastrophe
15. The Teacher's Pets

4.Comment on the new receivers of this award’s blog to let them know of the love.
Check your comments!

5. And the most important: HAVE FUN!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend sleepover

A few weekends ago, we had a weekend house guest, Elliot. He stays with us a couple times a year, and he's always so much fun!

Despite how grumpy we look here, we really do have fun with him. He kept butting in to our swimsuit photo shoot. Camera hog. He just wanted the cheerios that mom used as picture bribes.
Tallulah, Petunia and Elliot
Hope everyone had a good weekend! 
It's raining here. 
Got to get back to work on that ark.