Friday, September 30, 2011

Dogs Gone Swimming!

Sunday was Dogs Gone Swimming, a fundraiser for the Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center. Dogs of all shapes and sizes got to swim in a city pool before they closed it for the season.
We went to help mom out with the P.U.G.S. booth, to swim and to defend our swimsuit title from last year.

First, we model our swimsuits.

Petunia couldn't be bothered to look at the camera.
Here we are at the contest area. 
We won second place this year! Not first, but we did get two baskets!

Look at all this loot! There's a towel, a cat that holds a blanket, TREATS!, food, balls, toys and a certificate for a bath (no thanks).

Seriously, what are they trying to say?

There are no pictures of us swimming because mom's camera died and she didn't want to accidentally drop her phone in the pool. 

After our big day, we were really tired on the way home. 
Tallulah was miffed that she was disturbed from her nap. 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Isabelle's good news and bad news

Hey there, Isabelle at the keyboard.

Saturday I got to spend some quality time with mom, away from the bratty girls. Good!
First, we went to the vet. Now that wasn't fabulous but I had my first chiropractic adjustment! Dr. Pozniak thinks I am an excellent candidate for adjustments and acupuncture AND hydrotherapy. See, I've got the arthritis, and it's been aching my old bones this summer. Usually, it's just achy in the winter but this summer, I've been gimping quite a bit. So mom decided to start my treatment before the cold sets in. 
Unfortunately, mom decided to trim my nails before we left which got me riled up. That, plus the excitement of the car ride and the vet made me breathe pretty hard. Well, Dr. Pozniak took a listen to my lungs and thought I had some fluid on them. I know I have a collapsing trachea, have had that for a bit. With all the wildfire smoke then the humidity this summer, I guess I've been having a hard time breathing, too. She put me on a medicine to make it easier to breathe. 
That did not go well at all. It made me really anxious and pant even harder. Mom called the vet and we decided that I would not take that anymore. Unfortunately, I kept panting and coughing like I was a cat with a giant hairball!
I'm pouting under the chair after being poked and prodded!

So off we went to the vet today again. This time, I had x-rays. Turns out, my heart is pretty enlarged and I've got scarring on my lungs. That's the bad news. But we are going to see a doggy cardiologist as soon as we can. She will check me out and see what can be done.  There's been a lot of advances in doggy cardiology so our hopes are high that there's a medicine that will help me out. 

I almost forgot the best part! After the vet Saturday, mom took me to Carealot. I got a brand new bed! It's heated and cushy. Can't wait for it to cool down so I can turn it on! This will be wonderful for my old aching bones.

I'm not going to let this slow me down. Mom will take care of me. I'm just going to live life like a pug. Eat, sleep, poop. Repeat. 
This Saturday, I'm going to the Buddy Walk for Down's Syndrome! Well, mom's walking. I'm strolling. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to our Mom!

She's 266 in dog years!

Yes, that's a tiara. She wears it every year.
Yes, she is at work.
Those flowers are from Aunt Mandy. Wasn't that sweet?

Just for Noodles. Doggy Tiara

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let me in!

Hey, I'm fogging up the window here!
Let me in!

PS. That's an interior French door. No pugs were harmed in the taking of this photo. Petunia was in the library, looking into the living room.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Our closet!

Mom decided that we need our own closet. 
We had taken over the hall closet and the TV armoire. 
So we have a cabinet with a shelf and two drawers. 
Sadly, we already need more space. 
Probably another set of drawers. 

First, the closet itself. Our special dresses are laying on top. 

First drawer. Sweaters, track suits and fleeces.

Second drawer, holiday fleeces, track suits and holiday t shirts.

Our special occasion dresses. Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day.

The cabinet. Dresses hanging with regular t shirts and pajamas on top. We do have four sweater dresses folded on the bottom. Martha Stewart says to never hang your knits. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

One year blogiversary!

It's been quite a year for us. We've been welcomed with open paws into the caring world of pug (and other critters) blogs. 
You have grieved with us when Quincy passed 

and you celebrated with us when Isabelle became a permanent member of the family. 

We survived the snowpocalypse 
and Hurricane Irene.

And many more adventures in between. 

So thank you for becoming our e-family. We hope to be around for a long time. 

And special shout out to Tuni! It's her birthday! 
She and Sequoia and their parents are the reason we blog!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jammie time!

Mom's been sewing again. Finished two pairs, one more to go. 
Doesn't Tallulah look thrilled?

white ribbing and pink flannel with black paws and white bones.
$6.99 a yard at Hancock Fabric
Comes in blue, too!
Super easy to make. Only 4 pieces!

Go with the largest size on the pattern and be prepared to adjust the spot where the tail goes. It's a little tight on puggy tails. Easy to adjust though, just cut the angle a little differently. 

Mom plans to try this pattern with thermal material, too. Stretchier and warmer.

PS. Thanks, Payton. Yes, they will all be happy to put these jammies on once it gets cooler. Just not in the August heat!