Monday, January 21, 2013


It's about to get cold here! Not Idaho or Canada cold, but cold. Now, you have to realize that as our name implies, we are southern. Cold to us is below 60 and really cold is 40 or less. Remember this picture of mom in her parka in New York? 

See how Miss Kathy is in a jacket? And Miss Christy and mom are bundled up? It was in the 60's that day. The native (Miss Kathy) was dressed normally. It was the southerners who were freezing!

Anyway, it's going to be cold this next week for us. And you readers in the north may not know this, but heat pumps don't produce heat when it gets in the 20's. That means our heater upstairs just doesn't work. When it gets really bad, we drag out the air mattress and sleep downstairs where the furnace runs on gas.

We plan to spend the week doing a lot of snuggling in our pugjamas and playing with our friends Lilo and Stitch! They are coming to visit with us for a few days. Hopefully, two extra pugs will help keep everyone warm upstairs. Otherwise, five pugs and three cats plus one human probably won't sleep well on a twin air mattress. Cue the grumpy human!

Hope your week is warm and snuggly!