Sunday, June 30, 2013

Party poopers

Well, this weekend was no party. Saturday morning started really early with *some* pugs pooping on the bedroom floor. Then someone peed on the foot of the bed. A great way to start the day. 

After grumbling about that all day and doing laundry (thank pug for waterproof mattress covers), mom was going to grill some steaks for our supper. Unfortunately, Petunia started throwing up. 
Does this look like a sick pug to you?
And she did it all day long. Last time was 5 am Sunday morning. So no yummy steaks for any of us. :(

But it's now nearly 6 pm Sunday and paws crossed, no more vomiting. Petunia got small meals of rice and banana then a little beef broth and applesauce added today. We're thinking it was a stomach bug versus an obstruction. Although, she has been gutting stuffies and chewing the heck out of the squeakers. Or she might have eaten a slug or something outside. Anyway, she seems to be doing better.  

So we'll celebrate next weekend. Mom gets a four day weekend (whoo hoo!) so we can really party! Instead, we did a lot of this. 

Hope your weekend was better!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

We are 6!

Today is our 6th birthday. Where does time go? Mom's been super busy with her new job and completely forgot to buy us presents and noms. She swears she will make it up to us this weekend. 
In the meantime, enjoy our birthday picture!  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Long time, no blog!

First, we had to get ready for Pugapalooza. Then we did Pugapalooza. Then mom had to rest after Pugapalooza. That took up most of May. Then a crazy, whirlwind happened. 
Mom has a new job! She had to wait until today to let everyone know. She starts on June 17. It's the same pay, but different responsibilities and different people. The best part? It's a 3 minute commute! That means mom can come home for lunch to let us out and actually eat too! 
This is a great thing for mom. She's going to be a lot happier which is always good. 

We promise to blog about Pugapalooza soon. It was our best yet.