Monday, January 17, 2011


We had a late Christmas so we could be with our family. Again, we totally scored. 

We got these two adorable dresses.


And these shirts.

And these balls which must be locked away and only played with under strict supervision. Tallulah LOVES these balls. And plays a version of hockey/keep away/death match with them. 
The last one was desqueaked. From the inside out.

Plus gobs of noms. So many noms, we even had leftover noms. There are no pictures of the noms because mom knows better. Don't worry, Quincy and Isabelle got lots of noms, too. They don't play with toys and aren't as fashion conscious as we are, so they got extra noms. 


  1. Squeeeeeeeeee those are totally cute! You guys are such princesses!

  2. Hello 'deres Petunia and Tallulah~

    Checkin' in tonite on 'da contestants~

    See yous soon!

    Anakin Man