Friday, June 17, 2011


First, thank you to everyone who wished us well here and on Twitter. Mom said it helped her get through the day, knowing that we had some awesome friends out there. 

Second, Petunia did great today! The surgery only took a few minutes, the vet said. And from her behavior, you'd never think Petunia even went to the vet!

But she has some stitches on her elbow. Looks ugly, doesn't it?

The vet had very strict instructions for us. 
No running.
No jumping.
No playing.
No stairs.
No swimming.

So what does Petunia do? 
After being carried inside the house, she ran into the living room. 
She jumped on the couch. 
She started playing with Tallulah.

Once we went outside, she immediately ran down the deck stairs and 
to the baby pool and got her paws wet. 

We've already been through three bandages, the kind from the stick to itself tape. 
In frustration, mom decided to wrap her in this Ace bandage to try to keep the bandage on. 

We'll see how long it works.
If anyone has any ideas, let us know.  

We have a recheck next Friday. 
The pathology report should be back by then. 

The waiting is the hardest part. 

But with some wonderful bloggy friend support and good pet insurance, 
we know things are going to be okay. 


  1. Good to know Petunia made it through the day so well. And, well, the no jumping, no stairs, no swimming...did they happen to tell that specifically to Petunia? :p Keeping her in my thoughts for good results by next Friday!

  2. Petunia we loves you and are super happy to hear you are doing well. I think the sling ace bandage looks like a good idea. Hope it works.

  3. Hi Petunia,

    Glad you are feeling good, but you better take it easy and don't over do it.

    When I had knee surgeries, I had to wear a cone (sounds crazy, but I liked it. I would get excited when Mom put it on me, like I do when I see my harness). Maybe that would help you not bother the stitches and bandage.


  4. YEAH Petunia! I'm so glad you are doing fine. Like Suki said, don't over do it! Paws crossed while we wait for the results.

  5. We are super happy to hear Miss Petunia us doing good- of course she is running around and doing exactly what she is not suppose to be doing...
    we little puggies are known for 'dat sort of stuffs...

    When Momma needed me's to be still she tried to give me a kong wits some PB's in it's butt it just made me's more crazy hers said-

    Momma was laughing at yous Momma wrapping yous up- When me's had bandage- Momma had me's bandage in cellopane when it rained and taped it's so it wouldn't fall off eithers-

    We's all tinking of yous and yous try to be a little still- .K?

    Anakin Man
    & IzZY and TriXie

  6. So happee you are doing well..
    Benny & Lily

  7. Glad everything went well for petunia. As far as the running, jumping, swimming and everything else that pugs do,good luck with that. They said that with Daisy when she had surgery but it is impossible to prevent. The ace bandage was a great idea! when she starts getting too rowdy you might give her some alone time away to keep her calm.

    Prayers for a fast recovery
    Ike,Daisy, and owners :)

  8. Your mom sure knows how to wrap up a puggie! We're keeping our paws crossed for the results.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  9. We're glad things went well. That bandage looks like it will work like a charm. Stay calm, Petunia. It'll make things easier in the long run. As hard as "stay calm" is LOL

  10. yeahs, that it all went wells. I know the waiting is super hard. We are thinking of yous during the wait. Please let us know the outcome!


  11. The waiting is the hardest part ... sounds like Petunia doesn't have a clue anything could be wrong. Prayers that you get good news on Friday! Pug Hugs, Ellen

  12. oh what a sweet girl!
    she only wants to play and have fun!
    we are so glad she is feeling so good and just know the news will be good in just a few days!