Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pool info

Some pugs have asked about our pool set up.

The pool is 12' in diameter. The water depth is about 20-24", but the inflatable ring adds a couple of inches to the height.

We got ours at Big Lots, but they seem to be out of stock. So here's the Walmart version. It comes with a filter pump. We change the filter once a week or so, if we use it a lot that week. The pug hair can clog it up. We do use a chlorine float to keep the algae to a minimum. The chlorine doesn't bother anyone's skin, but a good rinse off with the hose should help if anyone is sensitive.

The pool is on a patio. Mom puts down 4'x8' sheets of insulation, the foam kind with a silver backing, then puts the pool on top of that. It protects the pool from rubbing a hole in it from the pavers, and it provides a little insulation to help the pool warm up. If we lived further south, we'd probably have a big bed of sand for the pool area.

We have two ottomans made of faux wicker (resin).

 One in the pool, one out of the pool. This lets us pugs get in and out of the pool safely. They always go in the same place so we always know where to go. Although we can stand up on our back legs and have our heads out of the water and mom doesn't let us get in the pool without her, the ottomans stay where they are, just in case.

If any pugs out there want to try swimming, we do recommend life jackets. Isabelle wears one. She's a terrible swimmer, but it's really good exercise for her. She's a senior, black pug with a partially collapsing trachea and arthritis. Walks aren't really much of an option in the summer.

So mom makes her swim a few laps and wobble on the foam board for 10 minutes. It keeps her cool and helps strengthen her joints.

Anyway, Isabelle wears the life jacket because she would totally sink. Our friend Elliott who stays with us sometimes is even worse, even with the life jacket. Some pugs just aren't cut out for swimming.

We started swimming when we were little which probably made a big difference in how well we take to the water. But then again, Quincy loved to swim, too. He probably never went swimming before he came here. So you don't have to be a puppy to learn to like swimming.

And Petunia doesn't like to swim as much. She hops in to cool off, then gets out. She will swim some, but not that often. But as you all saw, Tallulah loves to swim. And mom loves to swim or at least splash around to stay cool. So it is completely worth it for us.


  1. Hey SFP Girls! Thanks so much for this information. We are going to check out that pool you found at WalMart. Mom thinks I should try swimming for the exercise and joint strength too. Only problem is that we don't get a ton of shade in the back yard, so we'll probably have to get a gazebo tent or something and our patio isn't big enough so I guess there will be a little less grass for dad to mow. Oh, well! Hope you are staying cool, cause when I go out to take care of business, I think I melt a bit.

  2. What a cool pool! I wonder if I can talk Momma into getting one for me. It's so hot here I am melting.


  3. Thank you for the pool info! I wish my backyard was big enough & wasn't on a hill. But being on a hill might make for some interesting swimming.

    Now if I can convince my Mom to sneek me back into the human pool. Hehee.


  4. you have one nice pool there
    Benny & Lily

  5. What a great pool! We don't like the water but Mommy would sure love something like that in our yard!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  6. Ooooh Mom is gushing over the Isabelle cute she is blah blah. Anyways we miss you 3!!

  7. ok for the record here..... if it werent for my life jacket I would also sink! I am glad I am not alone in this issue. I wouldn't go near water for the first 2 years of my life. Mum has taught me it is ok to be near water. I won't go in the ocean without her though. This pool you guys gots is totally pawsome. I wish I had room in my yard for one too!


  8. Girls - THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for sending a donation to help with Vinny's surgery! We appreciate it SOOO much!

    Now, I gotta look in to this whole pool thing...

    Pug Hugs,
    Vito, Gina and Vinny!

  9. Great post! You are really doing well by your dogs (esp. Isabelle) by getting in some aqua aerobics. :)

    We had a pool for eleven years, and not ONE of my dogs has enjoyed swimming. Hank would do it (assisted) but sure didn't like it!