Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick update on Isabelle

We went to the cardiologist today. The good news is that other than a teeny heart murmur, Isabelle's heart is fine. It's in pretty good shape for a pug her age and in her condition. No enlarged heart, no congestive heart failure. So that's great news. 

She still has a cough that we have to address though. We aren't sure whether her breathing problems are in her upper or lower airways. Her regular vet has to read the cardiologist's report, and then we'll figure out the next steps. She got a new cough medicine that will hopefully help better than the syrup.

In the meantime, Isabelle is enjoying her new heated bed in her pugjamas.


  1. Hugs for a good lil pug heart Isabelle! Hope the cough gets better soon.

    the girls

  2. Oh, Isabelle, that is super news about your heart! I'm just so happy to hear it! And I'm lovin' the idea of a heated bed...I usually lay on the vents in the winter to get cozy, but a bed is obviously way better! Sleep tight in your PJs.

  3. i'm glad it wasn't her heart, but i know it is frusterating (and expensive) trying to figure out what it actually is. oh the joys of owning older pugs! at least the good thing way outnumber the bad! isabelle looks so cute in her pug jamas!

  4. Awesome news on your ticker, Isabelle! Now, let's get that cough taken care of!

  5. You look totes adorbs in your jammies xooxo

  6. Hi there, I had a few problems but can now see your blog! Thanks for the link! Awww Isabelle you look super cute in your PJ's! I love your warm bed too it looks so good to cuddle up in, you look snug snug as a Pug! I'm glad you are feeling better, hope you are well soon will send out positive Pug thoughts for you! Love, Licks and pHUGS from Frank x x x x

  7. I am so glad to hear the good news about Isabelles heart, and that bed looks super comfy.

  8. HI Isabelle,

    We all can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks for sharing the good news.

    You look adorable & comfy in your PJ's and bed.

    Sweet dreams.

  9. Glad to hear the good news about your heart, Isabelle. I'm sure they'll figure out that cough thing soon enough.

    I am totally jealous of that heated bed! I need to get my 'rents to get me one of those so I don't have to keep jumping up into their bed when the night gets chilly!

    -Love, Sid.

  10. great news! what a relief. looks like there's a pug that deserves a nap!

  11. So glad to hear your little pug heart is OK! Your new bed and pj's look really comfy. Is it hard keeping your Mom out of that heated bed? My Mom would scoot me out and take it over.