Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New toy!

After five years and 30 days, mom finally has an iPhone. 

See, she's been an Apple person since the Apple IIe. She's had the Performa 636, the grape egg-shaped iMac, the white iMac with no tower and the white Macbook. Due to issues with AT&T and moolah (lack of it!), she had to wait for the upgrade. And today it came!

Here it is! Her name is MiniPearl. The laptop's name is Pearl, so this smaller, white one is a mini. Get it?

Anyway, you should expect much better pictures and video from now on. Although there's only so much a great piece of technology can do when the photographer is not so good. 


  1. If you find a good movie editor you must tell my mom! But girls, be careful. Those things steal attention!

  2. Wait til she talks to the lady in the phone, nutty!
    Benny & Lily

  3. Well our mom and dad still have old school regular cell phones no web no picturs no nothing. Dad has had his for 4 years and mom got hers from t mobile for 20 bucks. She says when her t mobile contract runs out she will get an i phone

  4. Wow, can't wait to see more pictures and videos of the ladies!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. Congrats! I hope you load more apps on it then Christy (0)!!!!!!! Kinda defeats the whole point to me! She even has the one with Siri! I'm jealous I guess. Anyway, I'm glad you got it!


  6. Yea! My mom loves Macs too (all those Macs you listed made her nostalgic).

    Is that picture being taken in a public restroom? LOL

  7. Yes, Gracie that's the bathroom at work. Only place with a mirror!

  8. Congratulations! Although make sure your mom doesn't spend TOO MUCH time on it instead of fawning over you lovely lady-pugs. My 'rents even have an app that lets them spy on me while they're away from home. They find it adorable and entertaining but I just think it's creepy.


  9. Congratulations! Mom loves her iPhone and her iPad! Looking forward to seeing more pictures.


  10. Mini Pearl! HA!

    Does she still have the price tag hanging off her? ;)

  11. Hank, can you believe it didn't even have a price tag? Which is probably for the best because the real price would make mom faint.