Sunday, March 25, 2012

Isabelle's birthday!

The Southern Fried Pug mom here. 

Friday, we celebrated Isabelle's 12th birthday. Since she was a rescue, I don't really know her birthday, so I gave her my grandmother's. And it's been three years since she came into my life as my foster pug. 

Saturday, she had to see the vet for rabies vaccination and to get some better meds for her collapsing trachea which wasn't her dream day. But then we went to a local pet store for a new harness and leash. And then, the best day ever, she get her very own hamburger from Wendy's that she didn't have to share with Tallulah and Petunia. And she got to eat it in peace, without the girls staring her down, either. 

So happy birthday, my sassy senior lady. I hope that you've enjoyed the last three years with us and hope that you have more healthy years.


  1. Happy Birthday, Isabelle. You are a very beautiful senior lady!

    Here's wishing you many more happy, healthy years at SFP!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: That burger looked awfully yummy!

  2. happy birthday sweet girl! i love the idea of giving her a special birthday! my girls are rescues too, and I just pretend the day we got them in their birthday. horray for sweet senior pugs.

  3. Yeah!!! Have a super fabulous birthday in your wonderful forever home

  4. Aww, Happy birthday, Isabelle!! That looks like a yummy burger, but your mama was gotta chew it girl!!

  5. Happy, happy birthday Isabelle! Oh my goodness, did you have a great day, and you totally deserve it! Watching you eat that hamburger made my drool all over the keyboard. Hope your sisters gave you a break on Friday and the weekend. I know you have the spunk to give it to them, but you are too much of a lady. I want to be just like you at 12!

  6. Happy birthday Isabelle! You are adorable chowing down on the yummy b-day hamburger. We miss you cute face and wish you the best!

    The Girls and Jenn

  7. that is just too sweet! Happy Birthday Isabelle, hope you have many more! our Foo will be 12 in November. she may be slower, but she is still feisty, just like you.

  8. Isabelle! Oh, I can't believe my mama missed your birthday. She thinks you're SO lovely. I knew it was your birthday, but who ever listens to me? Happy to see it was full of love and joy.
    Lots of (late) birthday love,
    Lola Pug

  9. Hope you had a great birthday, Isabelle! I'm sooooo jealous you got to eat a hamburger. Man, does that look tasty. You were ATTACKING that thing. :)

    Hope you got some extra belly rubs, too!


  10. Happy birthday, sweet Isabelle! Looks like that hamburger was YUM-O!