Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just breathe

Isabelle on the Mac today with an update on my health status. 
Mom and the vet figured out how to get me a portable oxygen tank for those emergencies when I need a little extra juice. 
But how to deliver the oxygen to my little pug nose? 

First option, the cone with a lid. 
That purple part goes around the neck and the rest of it zips up over your head. 
Um, no. 

 Second was the hamster ball/spaceman version. 
HECK NO! Do you want me to stop breathing!

 Third was the bell version. This is the German Shepherd size, but the vet thought it would work for me without the black rubber gasket on the bottom. This is the kind typically used by firefighters on pets. 
Maybe, but not so much.

The vet thought it would be better to start off with my inhaler since I tolerate that. If I do need oxygen, the mask doesn't have to be tight against my face, just in the vicinity of my nose. 

Here's all the pieces. 
Oxygen tank in a handy carrying case.
Regulator. (green thing)

 So they took all the pieces and created this.
The tubing goes into the inhaler, how simple is that?

You'd think this was easy, but it turned out to be a little harder than we thought. Trying to get a portable oxygen tank for a dog is apparently not that common. The medical supply store thought mom was pulling a prank on them. 

But how's this for pug power? One of the managers has three pugs! And all the ladies at the supply store wanted to know why I didn't come in with mom to pick up the tank! They demanded that I come in with mom when I need a refill. In my stroller, no less. They did ooh and ah over my pictures though.

The extra oxygen makes me feel so good and makes me so relaxed, mom might use it when it's time to do my nails, too. The vet said, why not! It's all about keeping me happy. 
The rental fee is $20 a month and a tank refill is $10. Well worth it for my comfort!


  1. Oh my goodness poor baby. Those contraptions look scary
    Benny & Lily

  2. And your comfort and happiness come before everything, right? Glad you got a mask that is just right and I can't believe your mom left you at home to pick up the oxygen tank. Silly mom.


  3. We are always amazed by modern medicine for doggies and humans! So glad you mom was able to get you your special supplies and set up. Happy Summer!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie, Mack and foster Mario

  4. Isabelly what a great mom you have to get you such important stuff. We wish ya happy strolling now!

    The Girls

  5. Isabelle you're a trooper for putting up w all the shenanigans. And your Mom is super pawesome too for being such a handy macgyver.

    lots of licks,
    Swisher and Oakley

  6. what a great pug mama you have! thank goodness the oxygen helps!

  7. Ditto to all... ur mama is amazing. We all know there are many humans not good to animals out there. We are also glad you are doing fine with this device !! (scary looking)

    Stay cool, friends !!

    Sammy and Neko

  8. The contraptions look a bit scary but I think the idea is fantatstic! I am going to remember this if I ever need to use it, I wish we had tried this with Zira but it all happened so quickly

    urban hounds

  9. This looks fantastic, Isabelle! Your mama really is an awesome mama. Is she sneaking sips of that oxygen, too?

    Lots of pug love to you, brave friend,

    Lola Pug

  10. I'm glad your mom settled on the inhaler she did. Those other things look like something you could send a pug into outer space with! Hoping you stay healthy and don't need to use it very often. Love the story about the people at the medical supply shop...they should give you guys the pug lovers discount!