Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where did summer go?

It was just here last week. Now it's rainy and cool, like fall. It's August, nature! Bring back our pool weather!

Mom starts her last semester of actual course work on Monday. That's a three week break between summer and fall semesters. Not enough time to do anything! She's been alternating between sleeping a lot (which we like) and cooking (which we also like). And going to her regular job, of course. 

Our chest freezer. Those blue lidded containers are our food.
She usually spends the summer cooking meals to freeze for those crazy days when she barely has time to eat. But because of classes, she saved all of it for now. And she still doesn't have enough stuff! But she did what she could. 

There's peach/blackberry muffins for breakfast, vegetables and chicken pot pies (a first!). That ought to get her through a few weeks. Plus, she got a Foodsaver vacuum sealer and has been going nuts, sealing stuff. Nerd. 

And awesome news! After four years, mom finally moved from a cube to a real office with a door! 
And she got a reserved parking space and everything!

See how the walls go all the way to the ceiling!

City view.

It even has a water view, if you squish to one side and look left. 

If you look beyond the blue roof, that's the Elizabeth River. 
But the gallery of us is the best view of all. 
No, she didn't get a promotion or a raise, just what the job deserved from the beginning. If your people work in a cube farm, they will understand. For anyone who hasn't experienced that joy, it's a really big deal. Mom is the only woman supervisor and the only supervisor without an office. Now she feels that her position is respected. If one supervisor has an office, they all should. And now they do!


  1. That office really is a big deal, but I just can't stop thinking about those pot pies...mmm, yummy!

  2. yea for mom, we are glad she got a real office.
    Benny & Lily

  3. yay for your mom! i bet it is great to be able to close the door! she should sneak you guys to work with her. i'm sure you'd be very good and quiet. haha.

  4. I am licking the screen of the computer just trying to get a flavor on that food in your freezer! I need to tell my mom if she can give me frozen water as a treat she can give me frozen food!! Could your mom call her just so she knows i am telling her the truth!
    Hey your office is really nice...good view also! Congrad's
    stella rose

  5. Yay ~ her office looks great. Yes, our mama is a cubie girl, but she gets to work from home to be with us, so she says cubies are not that bad as long as she has an option to work from home.... will she send us frozen pot pies?? That sounds fantastic!!

  6. Its gone way too fast

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. YAY ... we are so happy for your mom! Our mom works in one of those cubes and she says that some days it's not much fun! BUT she is grateful to have a job even though we keep telling her it would be more fun if she stayed home with us all day ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  8. I love your pug shrine!

    My 'rents office looks pretty much like our apartment - it actually IS our apartment because they both work from home. I kinda wished they'd go to an office sometimes, though, so I'd have a little privacy when scoping for "illegal edibles" around the house.