Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012 Grand Illumination Parade!

We are so pooped after the parade. But it went great! 
The theme of the parade was Storybook Live. We were the nursery rhyme, Old PugDonald had a farm.
This parade is a really big deal here. 100,000 people line the route in downtown Norfolk. Over 12 miles of lights all turn on at once in Norfolk and Portsmouth. We have the big balloons like the Macy's parade and marching bands and dancers. More than 400 volunteers work to make about 1500 participants flow together smoothly and put on a fabulous show. 

This was our third year and the best one yet. Our rescue and meet up group work together to corral all the pugs and people. It's wonderful to be able to showcase our rescue in a way that shows how fun pugs can be! 

Tallulah and Petunia were chickens. This is probably the best picture to show how the costume worked.  

Here is the costume lighted up. It's an Illumination parade so the more lights, the better.

Zombie pug chickens!

 There was a spider.
 And a bumblebee.
 And a cow. 
The humans were all farmers. Aunt Mandy got mom a pink John Deere hat! With rhinestones!

 Isabelle's hat was generously donated by Cole, Sequoia and Emma! Isn't she just too stinking cute?

 Oliver (he was our foster this year) was a horse with an elf rider. 

 This is the only picture we got of Daisy, Oliver's sister. She was a lamb.

 And yes, this is terribly blurry, but we had to show the covered wagon that Oliver and Daisy's mom created! 

Another cow. She couldn't decide if she wanted to walk or ride. 

Bawk bawk!

Yes, the headlights work! Nothing runs like a Deere!

We were so tired that all three of us snored last night. Mom probably did too! 
And we slept most of today. Being this cute in front of thousands of people is exhausting!

And you can see us in the parade here.
We are at the 19:50 mark, number 28!


  1. You all are so freaking cute!!! Of course we love Isabelly!!!!

  2. Those are some awesome costumes

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Those chicken costumes are seriously incredible!! And Isabelle looks great in baby brudder's hat. Looked like fun!

  4. Momma is laughing so hard she can't breath! BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. The working head lights on the "John Deere" killed me! what an awesome costume! I love the lighted pugs,

    Mom to Gen & Foo @ UtterlyChaotic!

  6. What fun and your costumes are just amazing!

    urban hounds

  7. OK, that was just awesome! or should we say pawsome? We just love Isabelle in her hat and tractor. Of course the girls were adorable chickens too.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  8. Love the costumes! Especially the chicken costumes, way too adorable! You guys look like you had a lot of fun! I bet you were pretty tired after though :)

  9. wowzer ur momma is sure talented!! that parade was really great! have a great Thanksgiving
    Stella Rose

  10. Hahaha! Mama and me have been pretty quiet recently, but this made us LAUGH! Thank you!