Saturday, February 16, 2013

Upstairs neighbors :/

Mom was making a pair of pugjamas for the winner of the Pug Rescue of San Diego's Facebook auction the other night when we heard a noise outside. It sounded like tree branches scraping the aluminum siding. 
Only the wind wasn't blowing really hard and the tree outside the window wasn't moving. 

So we go outside and what do we see? 

That is one big raccoon. She probably weighs as much as all three of us put together!

Mom kept pointing the flashlight at the raccoon and telling her to get down. She kept checking and eventually it was gone that night. 

We were oblivious, thankfully. Didn't even look up!

Well, today we were outside doing our morning business and mom happened to look up. 
 Not one, but two! And these look like kids. Not sure where mom was. 

To give a little perspective, the window you see in the bottom picture is on the second floor of the house. The attic is tall enough to be a third floor. When our contractors work on the roof, they have to bring a special ladder to get up there, it's so tall. 

The chimney you see covers our furnace exhaust so hopefully the critters aren't trying to crawl into our furnace. That would be bad. However, there's a rain cap that's been pushed to the side up there, so it's possible. Our contractor is coming up with a plan to A) check and repair any damage these upstairs neighbors may have done and B) find a way to encourage these guys to move on as humanely as possible. If possible, we are just going to evict them and keep them from making themselves at home up there. If we have to, we'll have a wildlife trapper come and relocate them. Mom is thinking of greasing the gutter pipe that they are using to climb. 
Not sure if that will work or not, but anyone else have a better idea?

We live in a city, for Pete's sake! 
These raccoons need to find a home in a place with no cars and no pugs one third of their size. 
Although raccoon poop might be pretty tasty. 

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