Sunday, June 30, 2013

Party poopers

Well, this weekend was no party. Saturday morning started really early with *some* pugs pooping on the bedroom floor. Then someone peed on the foot of the bed. A great way to start the day. 

After grumbling about that all day and doing laundry (thank pug for waterproof mattress covers), mom was going to grill some steaks for our supper. Unfortunately, Petunia started throwing up. 
Does this look like a sick pug to you?
And she did it all day long. Last time was 5 am Sunday morning. So no yummy steaks for any of us. :(

But it's now nearly 6 pm Sunday and paws crossed, no more vomiting. Petunia got small meals of rice and banana then a little beef broth and applesauce added today. We're thinking it was a stomach bug versus an obstruction. Although, she has been gutting stuffies and chewing the heck out of the squeakers. Or she might have eaten a slug or something outside. Anyway, she seems to be doing better.  

So we'll celebrate next weekend. Mom gets a four day weekend (whoo hoo!) so we can really party! Instead, we did a lot of this. 

Hope your weekend was better!


  1. Sorry the party was pooped out! But 4 day weekend makes for a longer party!!!!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  2. so sorry about the sickies, paws crossed for a big bash next weekend

    urban hounds

  3. glad she is feeling better, I hope it stays that way!

    Stop on by for a visit!

  4. Yup, I think my weekend was a lot better than yours. I didn't get steak, but I did get broccoli. I didn't get a new mom, however, she has promised not to miss another day (this week). We'll see.


  5. Oh my! You are lucky you are not in jail
    Benny & Lily

  6. Oh, that doesn't sound like a good weekend for anyone! Petunia, I hope you are feeling better, glad to hear you haven't thrown-up in a few hours. I think your mom needs a vacation for sure! Everyone at casa SFP needs a long weekend filled with treats. ;-)

  7. Nope, nobody puked up all weekend but we did pee and poop where we weren't supposed to....a four day weekend is a super time for a party!!
    stella rose

  8. Poor Petunia! I hope you feel better soon. Stomach bugs are NO FUN AT ALL. Hope you ladies rest up this week for your four-day weekend!


  9. Oh no!!! I sure hope Petunia feels better! We are going to our Grammy and Grampy's for Wurstfest this weekend. I am looking forward to scoring some meat!!

  10. So glad Petunia is much better! Eating stuffies and squeakers will cause upset tummies. We know from experience...(Mario).

    The steak will taste even better this weekend! Have a safe and happy 4th. Minnie will join your kitties in the freak out dept.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie, Mack and Mario