Monday, October 28, 2013

We're back!

Holy pug, that was a long break. But we're back!

If you are interested, here's how the exams worked.
 She picked up a piece of paper and a blank thumb drive on a Friday at noon. 
Had from Friday at noon til Monday at noon to answer the question on the paper in the form of a researched paper. She did that two weekends in a row with two different questions. 
In between, she took a five hour exam in a classroom about statistics and designing research.

tl;dr- tests are hard

It was the toughest thing she's ever done. Even physically, it was stressful. 
Fortunately, no migraines and no emergencies that caused a big problem. 
There's always emergencies, right? 
Like the time her water pillow sprung a giant leak. 
Mom thought Isabelle had peed right on her, she was so wet. 

Or the time that her exam paper wouldn't save 
so she took her whole laptop to turn in before the deadline.

But it all worked out. It's done and she can breathe normally again. 

We were no help at all. 
Mom wished we did more of this.

In fact, we got pretty rowdy and had to be crated a lot. 
Can you blame us? All she did was sit and type or read! 
We missed several dog events (including Pugoween) and two meet ups because of all this school stuff.

Mom said she'll make it up to us by walking us more. 
Sheesh, at least we'll get out of the house more.

The results won't be in for a while, maybe by mid-November. 
So all that walking will help distract her. 

In the meantime, she has to get started on our zebra costumes and turning the Dogger into a safari jeep for the parade.
Isabelle is modeling her new Gripper socks. 

We are still catching up on blog reading, but were really sorry to see that Gracie Lynn and Benny had crossed the Bridge. Our hearts go out to their families and loved ones. 
The blog world mourns with you.


  1. oh my isabelle does look styling in those socks Ive considered getting them for norbert but am afraid he wont where them. good luck on exams

    urban hounds

  2. Welcome back! I know you girls will distract mom until the results come in!

  3. We're so glad you are back ... even if it's just for a little while!

    Hope your mama did well on her papers!

    Can't wait to see your parade pictures and that safari jeep ... it sounds awesome!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  4. congrats on finishing! sounds like it was quite the horror. thanks goodness you had the pugs to 'help' you study :)

  5. Welcome Back, its great to see you again after your long break! Awwww Sqeee Isabelle looks super cute in those socks and cute hoodie! I'm sure you will distract your Momma really well and its Howl-o-ween so pleanty of fun to be had here in Blogville! Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxx

  6. So happy your mom is finished and there were no extra stress causing incidents!

  7. So glad to hear your mom is through taking all those hard tests! Sounded like it was rough on everyone. Time to get back to relaxing and pug-snuggling, right?


  8. First of all those slippers are awesome!

    Secondly, so happy your mom got through the exams, hate to have to wait so long for the results, nerve wracking! But now that she's done that, she can focus more on you guys, which is always a plus :)

  9. CONGRATS on finishing! And you Southern Fried pugs sure are cuties! We'd love it if we could be friends, you can find us as -- !!

    Happy Halloween

    Amie & Winston

  10. Welcome back! Mama's taken too long a break from blogging, as well, but I'm catching her up, so hopefully we'll be in better contact now.

    Happy Halloween from Casa Lola!