Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy pills and other stuff

Tallulah went to the vet last night. She's been extremely anxious and lashing out at Petunia and Isabelle for a few months. After trying everything from rose quartz crystals to aromatherapy to herbal remedies, mom finally decided to try the pharmaceutical route. 

Mom prefers to do things as naturally as possible for her and for us. That's why we do titre testing instead of automatically vaccinating every year. But she realizes that if alternative therapies aren't working, then it's time to try a pill. 

So Tallulah is on Prozac now. We are trying it at the lowest dosage first for a month, then we will increase it if necessary for another month. Meds like this can be tricky so we may have to try a few different meds and/or dosages before we find the right fit for her. 

Miss T has always been an anxious dog and honestly has been a brawler with Petunia since she was six months old. But it's worse now. Fireworks and storms never used to bother her, but this summer was bad. And when she gets too anxious, she redirects that anxiety to fear aggression. Everyone has scars from that. It's no way to live. So we'll try some happy pills and see how it goes. 

In alternative therapy news, mom tried two new things she read about in the Whole Dog Journal. One is called EMT Gel. It's a topical gel to be used on wounds (say like from a dog fight!). It starts out sticky but then dries up. It's like a glue on the skin, so it's flexible. Mom likes this one. It's even safe for birds. It also works on nail quicks. It doesn't sting or stink like Liquid Bandage either. It isn't cheap like Neosporin, but so far, mom thinks it is worth it. She's used it a few times and only uses a smidge each time so it will last a long time. We will always keep a tube in our first aid kit. 
Photo from Amazon

The second thing was Wobenzym. It's a pill that humans or dogs can take. It's supposed to help with inflammation, digestion problems and healing among other things. Isabelle has been taking half a tablet every night to help heal her wounds and to try to ease her arthritis pain. We are using it as a preventative thing for the arthritis before the really cold weather sets in. We'll let you know how it works. Check out the October 2013 issue of the Whole Dog Journal for more info on these products. 

Photo from Amazon

Have you tried something new that works?


  1. oh i love wobenzym for me! i haven't even thought to try it for my creaky old girls! we have been using the hip and joint by renew life and i can really tell a difference! when i kept forgetting to buy a new bottle I could tell phyllis starting hurting and not wanting to walk around as much! it is a wonderful brand for humans, so i know it has good stuff for the pugs too!
    good luck with the prozac, sometimes you have to go that route, if that is all that will give her (and you!) some relief!

  2. I hope the medicine helps Tallulah so her sisters can get some relief too. I'll be praying.

  3. You will have to keep us posted on the Prozac. the wobenzym sounds very interesting. I might have to look in to that for Bailey
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  4. poor tallulah! it's hard for a pug to be so on edge.... I really hope the happy pills work!

  5. Natural is important but you gotta go the pharmaceutical route sometimes. That other stuff looks intersting for the athritis

    urban hounds

  6. I will keep my feets crossed this works out