Monday, December 16, 2013

Cautiously optimistic

Well, Tallulah has been on Prozac for about six weeks now, and we think it's working.  We did one month at the lowest dose, then increased to 3/4 of a tablet daily. That seems to work for her. The low dose helped some, but she was still anxious.

How do we know it's working? Well, things that may seem small are really an improvement. Previously, if Isabelle tried to use the potty pad in the kitchen, Tallulah would lunge at her. Two days ago, Tallulah just barked and whined but didn't make a move to go after her. She's a tattletale, but we can live with that.

Tallulah would also go after Isabelle if one of the cats cried. This last time, Tallulah did run toward Isabelle but actually stopped short when mom started yelling her name. Didn't even touch her. That is amazing progress.

Tonight, we are pretty sure it's really working for her. The neighbor kept revving up his motorcycle. Now Petunia and one of the cats jumped every time, but Tallulah didn't. For a dog that jumped every time a car door slammed, that's pretty impressive.

And she can enjoy a bully stick without getting into a brawl.

Now, she'll probably stay on the leash for a while longer until we all feel she's really relaxed. We are taking in a foster pug a few days while his foster family goes out of town on Friday. That will test how well it is working. Taking in the foster isn't the ideal situation, but it has to be done. So on leash, she will stay.

Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Oh I bet everyone is relieved! Glad to read such good news. I pray it continues. Good girl Tallulah!

  2. Glad to hear she is making progress. yeah for Tallulah!
    Loved your Christmas card!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  3. Good news. I will continue to send good vibes your way

  4. I'm happy for Tallulah AND Isabelle!!!


  5. It was great when we had Baily on Prozac. We are thinking she needs it again being back in AK

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Glad to hear the medication is working for Tallulah. Sounds like it's just enough to keep her calm. Glad there haven't been any scuffles.


  7. Never a dull moment with these girls. Glad she is doing better. Hugs for all of you this Christmas!!!!

  8. Oh, boy, my mama needs to catch up on all of her blog reading this holiday. She's been SUCH a slacker, so this is ALL news to us. Much puggie love, and so happy you're doing better, Tallulah!

  9. it sounds like it is going well! i know it is hard to wait because it feels like it takes so LONG for that stuff to work. i'm happy you are seeing some improvements.