Monday, May 26, 2014

A day to remember

For Americans, today is the day to remember and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by some of our servicemen and women. 
Some of our older readers (mom included) may remember that this day used to be called Decoration Day. The history of Decoration Day versus Memorial Day is tangled together. Decoration Day was for all those who passed, not just veterans. It was the day to visit the cemetery and decorate the graves of the fallen. 
Way back when in the Civil War ear, nearly every family had someone passed from the war. The same was true for World War II. In many, many cases, the bodies of the dead could not be returned to their families for burial. 
It wasn't until the 1950s that it became the norm to return war casualties to their families. Living veterans are honored on Veterans Day in November. 

Photo borrowed from Google

So without politics, let us remember those people who gave their lives in support of our nation. 
We honor their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families. 

Our family is extremely fortunate to have had all our service members come home. 
For those families who were not as fortunate, we salute you and support you.
Your sacrifice should never be forgotten or used only as an excuse for a sale.
We may not spend the day at the cemetery any longer, but we will not forget.

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  1. Ours family has been blessed also.
    wesa also gotta get you that final measuring of my length.
    mom keeps forgetting
    stella rose