Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mid-September update on Isabelle

We've been quiet on the blogging front lately. Mom is spending as much time with Isabelle as she can. We know her time is getting shorter, but mom is determined to make her last days as comfortable and as happy as possible. 

At her last vet visit, we discovered that Isabelle has both a compressed spinal disc and one of the worst cases of hip dysplasia that the vet has seen. That explains the pacing and hunched back she's had ever since the first surgery. At first, mom thought it was constipation because that happened too. But when that was resolved and the pacing didn't go away, mom wasn't sure what was going on. Isabelle is now on codeine and a different steroid to make her more comfortable. 

One bonus for her is that she doesn't have to swim anymore. The compressed disk means no strenuous activity until that heals. If all goes well, then she will do more water therapy for her hips once her spine is ok. 
Warming up after a swim
Even with five years worth of vet visits, no one had noticed that she had hip dysplasia. Isabelle hid it really well. The best explanation that mom and the vet could come up with is that she just couldn't fake it anymore with the cancer also making her feel crummy. 

Isabelle does have another tumor in the same area as the first one. It isn't on the surface like the other one. This one is deeper inside her body. Unfortunately, it is growing really fast. Last week it was smaller than a ping pong ball. Now, it's closer to the size of an egg. She is having the tumor removed on Friday, as long as her blood work comes back clear. 

Mom will talk to the vet about the surgery on Monday. If when they open her up, they see more tumors, especially if they are on organs, then Mom will make the decision to let her go. She can't keep having surgeries to remove the tumors every two months. We know that the cancer will move to other places if it hasn't already. 

If it's possible to keep her pain free, mom will ask that she come out of anesthesia. Mom will bring a burger or two to the vet's office and say goodbye. If she will be in pain after coming out of surgery, then mom will ask that she be put to sleep at that time. It wouldn't be fair to bring her out of anesthesia to hurt. 

Until then, Isabelle has been given the greatest gift any pug could ask for. The vet said to feed her as much as she could eat without upsetting her stomach. Mast cancer in particular feeds on carbohydrates. We are trying to starve that sucker. That means no grains which sadly means no cookies. But it does mean lots of straight up meat. Isabelle now gets a lunch meal of cooked beef. She is still eating like a champ. 

This where Isabelle prefers to nap now. 
Not one of her several orthopedic beds. 
Not the super cushy beds or the one with heating pad. 
A cat bed that's too small. 
But it's at mom's feet. 
Location, location, location.


  1. Im so so so sorry about sweet Issy but he has the best momma every no doubt about it

    retro rover

  2. we're thinking of you an isabelle. i'm glad you are able to make the time she has left full of love (and meat!)

  3. I keep love and hugs and healing thoughts going to Isabelle!

  4. We are sending you hugs each day. We think about Isabelle and know she is happy to feel all the love you have for her.
    stella rose

  5. Sending lots of love and prayers for you and Isabelle.
    Bailey & Hazel

  6. We send our love and prayers to you all right now. This is never easy but oh is Isabelle so lucky to have two wonderful sisters. That love her and show her what being a pug is all about and one of the best pug mommies any pug could ask for....ever. Stay strong Isabelle!

    Jenn Emma and Sequoia

  7. Lots and lots of Love to Sweet Isabelle and you all. It was a pleasure and honor to meet her at the 1000 Pug photoshoot and get to sit with here while your Mom took you two for a walk. We love you Isabelle!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  8. Hi Isabelle. I'm so sorry to hear you're having a tough battle with all this stuff. I will keep my paws crossed for you. I'm glad to hear you've been able to eat some REALLY GOOD FOOD lately - I hope that will help to keep your spirits up!