Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day 2015

It's Veterans Day. 
Southern Fried Pugs mom here. 
Some of you know that I was in the Air Force. I am not a combat veteran. I only went overseas for three weeks to support a training mission to Egypt. It was an awesome experience. 

I served for 10 years. The Air Force helped shape me. It helped change me from an idealistic, naive, somewhat entitled, privileged white girl to a more focused, more disciplined woman. 

I still have a spirit of idealism, but it is tempered with reality. I learned balance (ok, still learning). 
I learned leadership, what good leadership looks like and what an absence of leadership looks like. 
I learned how to work as part of a team. 
I learned how to follow. That wasn't easy. 
I learned when to follow and when to lead. 
I learned about how to be a good supervisor, how to motivate people, different kinds of people. 
I learned that if you take care of your people first, they take care of their job which lets you do your job. I learned that you have to be flexible and adaptable, yet prepared for anything.

I am proud to have served my country. 

There are serious problems and mistakes have been made, but this is my nation. I am not a blind patriot. I am not a mindless flag waver. I am a person who gave 10 years of my life in service to my country. 
I would do it again. I am one who still serves, just in a different capacity. 
I am not posting this to ask for thanks for me on Veterans Day. Most veterans will be a little embarrassed when you do thank them. 
In 2015, we've come a long way in appreciating veterans and their service. 
I ask that you look around you for other veterans who blend in. 
Don't just thank a vet on Veterans Day. 
Thank them all year long. 

Senior Airman Ramsey, circa 1997


  1. Thank you for your service, then and always.

  2. Wow! I did not now this about you. Thanks for your service. I have a friend who is in the Army National Guard. She has not been in combat either - but that does not mean her service has been unimportant to our country. On the contrary.
    Love Noodles

  3. We do need to thank our veterans daily. I am glad the Air Force was such an amazing experience for you. I would struggle with the following too!

  4. We have a grandaughter in the Air Force - right now she is at tech school at Fort Lee, VA!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. I know ya weren't asking for thanks, but thank you anyways.

  6. Thank you! My father was in the air force but never really thought of it other than as a job, I've had to learn the appreciation as an adult.

  7. All year,, yes!
    We pause with you and remember the service people.. never to be forgotten!

  8. Seeing all the posts about Veteran's Day and all the fathers, uncles, brothers being honored, I realize that veterans are just the average people, who did something extraordinary - gave a part of their lives in service to their country so the rest of us could go about our lives, safe and secure. So, yes, thank you, today and each day for the sacrifices you made. And so good to see veterans being regarded with such respect and honor.

  9. Such a cute pic. Good work mom
    Retro rover

  10. Beautifully stated Ellyzabethe!!! Those of us who have served know it was a symbiotic experience. Both the country and us benefitted greatly!