Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another surprise!

When mom got home from work today, there was another box in the mail. This one was a complete surprise. Mom had entered some pictures of us being lazy in a Twitter contest by Best Bully Sticks. And we won! They sent us a HUGE sample pack of bully sticks. Can you believe it?

There must be 25 pieces of bully stick in here! Including the new curly ones they have. We are definitely getting more of those because Tallulah can't swallow the swirly ones whole like she does with the other ones.

 Petunia enjoys her curly Q.

Isabelle enjoys her bully. And keep in mind,
Isabelle only has four teeth! But they all work.

Here are the pictures mom submitted on Twitter. We aren't sure which picture won, but who cares! We have bullies!
Tallulah is too lazy to change the channel.
Isabelle is too lazy to get the toy.
Petunia is just being lazy.


  1. wow, you have enough bullies sticks for the neighborhood..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. Congrads girls (and boy hee hee)! Enjoy those Bullys, Tuni chews too Isabelle even with her 5 teeth left. The pic of Tallulah sleeping is so funny!


  3. You are lucky puggies! Those are so goooood!!!!
    If you don't want them all, send some our way...we are close by!

    Have a Happy Halloween!
    Minnie and Mack

  4. That's where my mommy orders our bully sticks from...they are the bestest in the whole wide world. Happy you all won! Enjoy them!


    Minnie Moo