Monday, October 11, 2010


A while back, Mom said she would post a better picture of our swimsuits. 
Here's the best of the pictures. 
Tallulah, thinking that she should have said global warming
 instead of world peace at the swimsuit pageant.

Petunia refused to pose. Diva pug. 
Now she's pouting.
And yes that is a Disney Princess fold out sofa bed. 


  1. After reading the caption about Talullah I am wondering if she is often told that she looks a lot like Sandra know, because she does sport a great pose in a swimsuit just like Sandra Bullock in the Miss Congeniality movie...haha!
    Oh how I love a pug in bathing suits....heck, I love anything pug related!

  2. OMD your bikini is adorable! Too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by and following us yesterday! We are in Austin Texas and glad to know that you come down to Texas to visit :)

  3. Girls,

    I totally have a bikini too. I think we should get together and make a pug bikini calendar...What do you say?


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  4. Hey kids.. we wanted to stop by and say hello. You guys sure are cuties
    Benny & Lily