Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Pugmas!

Ever since we came to live with her, our mom has been a member of, a great site where pug lovers come together for friendship, advice and general pug adoration. Every year, they have a Secret Santa Paws exchange where members give cryptic clues and pugs get loot!

Well, the first of our packages has arrived! Since we are four pugs and most other people don't have that many, we got split up into two groups. So that means there's ANOTHER box coming! But back to this one. This one was for Quincy and Isabelle, but the very awesome Auntie Rae (with Gomer, Brooklyn and Cleo) sent some goodies for us, too!

The box passes Tallulah's sniff test.

Tallulah investigates, what could all these bags hold?

Look at this giant box with all that festive paper!

Tallulah, Petunia and Isabelle check out the bag for mom. 

Um, girls, that's Isabelle's bag.

Petunia really gets into her work.

Again, the bag for mom is sooo interesting. There are human cookies in there!

Tallulah and Petunia pose by Petunia's gifts. This was the only picture they would sit still for.
Petunia even has the fake, "take a picture already" smile. 

Isabelle sincerely appreciate the gifts, but hurry up and open the cookies already!

Quincy would not look up for the camera. He was far too interested in those Tastee Burg'rs!

OMD, the awesome prezzies! There were treats for all four of us and stuffies and ropes and chewies. And little stockings that were so pretty. Mom won't let us chew on those. So a big THANK YOU to Auntie Rae, Gomer, Cleo and Brooklyn for the wonderful gifts we got! We will have those treats taken care of before Christmas! And don't worry, the balls will find a good home at the SPCA.


  1. OMP such a lucky bunch yous are! What a wonderful box of goodies and great idea.


  2. Hehe I love the Merry Pugsmas :)


    Minnie Moo

  3. I love the close up of Isabelle!! The girls reall investigate that loot very well. We got your card and love it thanks!!

  4. Tasty Burgrrrrs, I gotta get me some of them! Happy Holidays to all of you Southern Fried Pugs and your momma too!!