Wednesday, December 15, 2010

School is out!

Mom finally finished her last paper! And it's about time. We have been completely ignored and neglected and barely fed for months. Weeks of "here's a bully stick, girls and let momma write." Wait, she can keep that up.

So, this weekend, we get to decorate the house for Christmas. Since we've been here, we've always gone somewhere else for Christmas, so mom hasn't decorated. This year, we get our first Christmas tree. Unfortunately, she's on to us and has planned on putting it on a big table and putting a fence around it. So no opportunity to sniff the packages or pee on the tree skirt.
Mom's little tree in her office

And the best part is that everyone is coming here for the holiday! Our Nanna and Pappa are coming from Texas, and our Aunt Mandy, Uncle John and cousins Noah the Great Dane, David and Sheba the Pomeranians, and Noodle the Chihuahua are coming from Nebraska. We are celebrating the first week in January because Pappa is a minister and can't leave his church for Christmas. Mom says that works great for her, since Christmas is next week and the house is a train wreck. Don't think she's even found all the surprises we've left her around the house.

Bark at you later!


  1. Your first tree yay girls!!! We can't reach ours either its on a table too.


  2. Wait a minute??

    Okays.. we's got yous comment yous met Santa Man!! Now we's come heres and see 'da first pho-toes in bloggy looks like TriXie and wait a minute again...
    yous sweet Momma sitting wits four of yous????

    We's somewhat new here...
    Yous got four too... hee hee four too get it ('da Elgins are known for bad(no..funny) jokes)..

  3. pee-s congrats to yous Momma for finishing her studies!! and yeah for family visits.. well, not our family - hee hee

  4. Yay for having your momma back! But seriously, lets encourage her to keep up the bully sticks. Our mommy just put up the tree and hoped we didn't chew it to pieces :) We haven't so far, but she had better not make us mad. That pink work tree is pretty snazzy.

    Kitty and Coco

  5. What a fun tree you have! We are glad your
    mom is back. Now you can focus on getting
    everything ready for your guests!

    We hope you have a great Holiday week!

    -Dana & Daisy