Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy (early) Easter!

Today was a big day for us. 
Mom made us matching dresses for our photo shoot with the Easter Bunny.

They were all the same fabric, but Mom allowed us some individualism with our own ribbons.
Tallulah picked purple.

Petunia chose yellow.

And Isabelle decided on pink. 

And here's our first portrait with all three of us together.
Don't we make a lovely little family?

Photo by Photos by Feist

Tallulah had to be the diva this time and not look at the camera. 
But two out of three ain't bad. 

So if you're in Hampton Roads, go get your picture taken at Carealot on Diamond Springs. The photos help raise money for local animal rescues and they are so squeeee!


  1. you guys look beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  2. we luv the dresses! OMP Mum luvs the idea of Easter Bunny photos. How adorable you guys looks! Holy Pugs so cute with the bunny and in the matching dresses. Squeeeeeeeee!


  3. Oh they are so cute we LOVE the dresses. Mom need to learn to sew for us

  4. Cute pictures! They look so well behaved I can't imaginehow hard it was to try to get all 3 to pose for the camera.

    Happy Early Easter girls!!!

    Jenn Sequoia and Tuni

  5. Dats a pretty snazzy pic! Easter Bunny Man scares me, but you sure did take a cute picture. Your dresses are soooo pretty, and the ribbons do make all the difference.

    Kitty and Coco

  6. Your momma made those??? That is pawesome!! I love the picture. I took W&C to have their picture taken with Santa Claus at the mall one time and Winston pooped in the middle of the mall by Jessica McClintock where they sell $400 fancy dresses. Never. Again.

  7. OMG you all look the cutest ever. EVER!


    Minnie Moo

  8. Great job on the dresses - very beautiful! I just spent $33 on a pink dress for Molly for Easter (it did come with a matching leash & hat however, yeah anything to make myself feel better about spending that much $!).

    Ann, Fro, Molly & Cleo

  9. Oh ladies, you are lookin' GOOOOOOD!!!