Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A welcome visitor

Monday was a great weather day. Sunshine, temperatures in the high 70's. Windy, but overall a good day. On days like that, mom rides her scooter to work. Instead of using the front door, she uses the back.

Carmen the scooter
So, Monday, mom gets home from work, lets us out to potty, feeds us. The usual. But Tallulah and Petunia keep going to the front door and barking. Mom keeps saying, "It's the cats! Stop barking at the cats!" But we keep returning to the front door. Finally, mom notices us sniffing intently at the door. 

Then she remembers that she saw a package between the storm and front doors 
when she drove her scooter home. 
The big box of bully sticks must have come!

Look at all these yummies! Two yak chews and two giant bags of bullies! 
That ought to keep us busy for a few weeks!

One of the bags is for Pugapalooza? 
That's not until May! 
We will run out of bullies before then!

Off to chew on our bullies and yak chews. While they last.


  1. Oh my goodness, I bet Tallulah and Petunia were camped at the front door all day. What a great delivery. Do you all take Carmen for a spin? That would be a fun ride!


  2. Oh Pugapolooza man we are going to miss it now that we live so fars aways. Girls make sure you keeps yours eyes on the hot dog pool for Sequoia she is really sads about not being there for it.

    Tuni Woons and Sequoia

  3. Thank goodness you alerted your mom. They could have been STOLEN!


  4. Look at all those bullies!! Your jaws are going to be very strong...We like moms scooter.
    Benny & Lily

  5. Oh.My.Dog. You are the luckiest puggies EVER!

    Love, Marlene

  6. MMmmm! What a great package! And how nice that you're donating some of it. I LOVE those yak chews too! My Momma likes how they last forever, but she thinks I lost one of my toothies from it. The yak milk and lime juice gives it a yummy flavor. My Momma said it tastes like a weird lemonade. (Yes, she actually licked it too!) Have a great weekend with all those yummy chewies!

  7. Our moths are watering -WE love bullies too but we ate them so fast no matter what mom did we wold throw up. Now she gives us softer treats, but we will have to try the yak chews

  8. My dog is addicted to the Himalayan Dog Chews!