Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Christmas, trip part 4

Christmas was exhausting. Here Sheba is sleeping by her food bowl, just in case anyone gets close to it.

Eating those cookies was tough work.

Chihuahuas make good snuggle buddies.

 There'a couch under there somewhere.

Isabelle had to be right in the middle of it all, even though she was falling asleep sitting up.

Only the birds were awake. 

This is Mimi. 
Mimi is actually a boy, but Indian Ringneck parrotlets don't develop the black ring around the neck (for boys) until about 2 years old. Mimi was named after the heroine in the opera La Boheme. He likes to listen to opera and anything by Beaker of the Muppets.

This is Poe. He's about the same size as Mimi, but green. He's a Quaker parrot. He has learned to talk since coming to live with our aunt. He can say hello, step up and come here. He also laughs like a human! And he barks like the dogs. 

Oh, we nearly forget the best part of the whole trip. Isabelle takes Glyco Flex III, a super yummy smelling glucosamine-chondroitin supplement. Or at least she did until Tallulah ripped the bag open and ate about 100.

 On Christmas morning. 

Before all the guests came over. 

Tallulah spent the morning vomiting. She got the carpet and rug a few times, the linoleum once or twice. After that, mom figured out when she was going to blow and hustled her out on the deck. 

We still aren't quite sure how one little pug stomach could hold roughly 2 pounds of supplement in the first place. Those urban legends of pugs eating until they actually explode might be true. 


  1. Oh, goodness, how is Isabelle now? Aside from eating all of the pills, it looks like a pretty dreamy Christmas. I'd love to have birds, but mama says they would drive her crazy if they learned to imitate ME! Happy New Year, all!

  2. Holy supplement Tallulah! Yikes! I bet you scared your mom, but I bet it was worth it, huh? Heck, how rude that no one gave you a chance to see if they were tastier the second time! That pic of Isabelle is priceless...she is a party girl at heart!

  3. What a way to spend Christmas morning! We sure hope you recovered quickly and no real harm was done to your little body!

    We have a cousin, an African Gray parrot, who is so cool. He whistles for us, like a human. LOL.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    1. Hi, it's us again. We just wanted to let you know that we have award you guys the Liebster Award! Check out of blog post from today for details.
      Minnie and Mack

  4. We're glad that Tallulah is okay after eating all of those supplements! Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  5. Glad the supplements didnt cause any major issues

    Stop on by for a visit