Sunday, January 15, 2012

Part 6, Indy!

Holy cow, Indy is full of pugs! And we didn't even get to meet them all. 

The Pug Posse graciously invited us to their house for morning snacks.  
There were 18 of us all in one house! It was awesome. No real fussing, no drama. And Isabelle didn't poop in the house! Or if she did, we didn't see it. 

Honestly, mom couldn't remember who was who after she took the pictures. 

We know that this is Laura holding Tucker. Laura is Salinger's mom! They just added a new family member right after we left. Congratulations!

And this is Princess Mia! She is spunky.

That's Ellie in the background and maybe Ernie? Yoda and Brutus had to stay home to keep their dad company.

That's Jess (the human) and maybe Pugsley. Not sure about the pug on the couch. Laura is holding Gus Gus, we think.


Some of the posse in the world famous, Pugs in the Kitchen kitchen! This is Nirvana! Where all the yummy treats come from.

Look at all these goodies from Pugs in the Kitchen! We thoroughly approved of all the treats and the stuffies! If you are in need of delicious, healthy treats made in the USA, order tons!

Laura and Salinger gave us these adorable toys and the pug ornament.

Mom wants to apologize to Vikki, Laura, Jess, Cindy and Julie. She isn't usually such a dud. She started getting sick that morning and wasn't feeling herself. She knows that if she weren't sick and got to spend time with you again, she'd be much more entertaining. Not as entertaining as Laura though.
 Mom doesn't shop at that store or anything. She is a real fuddy duddy when it comes down to it. 

Even though her haze, she really had a good time in Indy. We wish we lived so much closer to you guys. You'd be such a blast to hang out with.


  1. Wow lots of puggies, puggies everywhere

  2. Southern Fried Pugs and Mom, isn't that just the coolest experience in the world! I was fortunate enough to be allowed to visit when Payton and family went to Indy and at one point there were 19 pugs in that kitchen! AMAZING!!!!!!
    Wonderful people and pugs in Indy for sure! Glad you were able to visit too and sorry Mom was under the weather. Still, its clear you had a most wonderful adventure over the holiday and you got back safely!


  3. What fun meeting other piggies and look at all that good stuff
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh, those Indy pugs are super hospitable! It was crazy to see so many in one house at one time. You will have to go back and meet even more of them!
    PS. We had the hardest time keeping track of who was who too, so don't feel bad!

  5. So...many...pugs!!! How did you guys manage to keep everyone's name straight? And why aren't there any pugs no one ravaging through that muzzle-level garbage can?!


  6. It was so nice meeting all of you and your mama... It's too bad that she wasn't feeling well :(

    Pugs & Kisses,


  7. OMP, all of those PUGS in the kitchen. Mama says it's her Nirvana! ...although I'm more of a one-on-one girl, myself. So much FUN!

    Lola Pug