Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poor Tallulah

Girl just can't catch a break! 

We went to the vet today. Petunia had to get her thyroid rechecked, and Tallulah needed an exam. Mom found some spots on her that needed checking, and she's still not gaining weight like she should given all the food that she's eating. 

Good news is that one spot was a sebaceous cyst (no biggie) and one looks like "an old dog spot" according to the vet. It's one that we will watch for growth or shape changes, but not a big deal at the moment. 

The bad news was that the spot behind Tallulah's big paw pad was infected. Probably a cut. Then the vet checked her other paw and it had a really weird hole in it. All the black was gone from the toe pad and there was something coming out of the hole in her pad. It was a hole about the size of a pencil lead with tissue squeezing out along with what looked like a string. Ick. Hopefully, it is also an injury. We go back in a week to see how it has healed. 

In the meantime, Tallulah is sporting some spiffy bandages. 

She is not happy with this development.

She will be happy that she gets to eat beef again! The vet thinks that adding a protein with fat should help her gain some weight and keep it on. As long as her tummy agrees, it's hello beef and goodbye stinky fish!


  1. Poor Tallulah, feel better soon
    urban hounds

  2. oh poor thing! i hope that gross injury is just a little boo boo and not something. i will admit, she looks pretty cute sitting there with that sad face and those little bandaged feet.

  3. Aww! I hope Tallulah feels better soon. I would hate to have bandages too but hey, at least you can say that you look cute. :)



  4. Poor sweetie pie. You look like a little ballerina
    Benny & Lily

  5. poor little girl. she appears to be bearing it all with grace. with the help of hopefully not a small amount of beef.

  6. aww, poor tallulah. get well soon sweetie!
    wags, bailey

  7. Oh Tallulah, get better soon sweetie!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  8. Big T enjoy that beef...we hope those paws heal up!

  9. Poor little ladies! I'm sending you all some good juju. Feel better soon and be sure your momma gives you lots of sympathy treats!


  10. Poor Tallulah is right! But gosh does she look cute in her "booties"! ;-) Please keep us updated.