Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We were on TV!

Sunday, we got to be part of something very special for the guy who takes our holiday pictures! 
We got up bright and early so that we could be at Carealot at 8 am. That's seriously early for us. 
Our photographer Tom was profiled for the local ABC station (which is our favorite because they also show the parade!). And the reporter talked to mom about the rescue!

Now, you have to ignore the fact that the reporter called her Ally (which she absolutely hates), spelled her name wrong (left off the "e") and said that she ran the pug rescue (she's on the board but not the president!) But she got to get the word out about how Tom and his pictures help rescues, including ours! You can even see the rescue's name on mom's shirt!

Thanks to everyone who voted for Isabelle on Facebook! You can vote once a day until April 19!
Sunday, Isabelle has an appointment for behavior testing. Uh oh. She has to prove that she can behave in crowds and with other dogs. Hopefully she passes!

And now for the obligatory cute pug photo!


  1. Congrats on your puggy close-up Puggy deMille! ;) So cute. I have two fawns and a black pug too. Love your site!

  2. Awesome guys! Congratulations
    Benny & Lily

  3. First the parade and now an interview?!? The pugarazi is going to be waiting outside your house for sure now! Glad your mom could help spread the word about rescue.
    PS. Isabelle is sooo sweet! I'm sure she will pass with flying colors!

  4. how cute! i wish you guys had been featured more though! but how cute is that macaw!?

  5. OMP you are famous! Too bad about all those mispellings though. As far as Isabelle she is as sweet ad pie and will do great

    urban hounds

  6. That is pawsome ... we know famous pugs! WOW ...

    We have been voting every day and trying to remind everyone to vote ... along with some other people on Facebook! We sure hope Isabelle wins - we have our paws crossed ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  7. Hi there Southern Fried Pugs gals and SFP Mommy! Congrats on raising awareness and funds for your rescue! That T.V. segment was great!!! Looks like the doggies and humans had a great time at the event, too! xoxo~ Gretta Rose de Pug
    PS We LOVE your list of fellow Pug blogger and can't wait to go meet them all. Thanks a million for including us! Big hugs!

  8. We will run over and vote for her today.....congrat's!!
    stella rose and mags

  9. OMP you girls are famous now. Doesn't that mean more treats???

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta