Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mom's Nebraska trip

Our aunt had surgery the last week of January, causing mom to abandon us! 
But since it was our aunt, we forgave her. 
It's been a long time (thank goodness) since mom has been inside a hospital. Things have changed. Mom got this thing that let her know when the surgery was done. 

  After surgery, our aunt got some pretty flowers and balloons. 

Fortunately, she got to go home before mom left. Back home, mom got to meet all the cockatoos our aunt has. Mom has pugs, aunt has cockatoos. Four to be exact.
 This is three of them. From left to right, BB (boy), Anoni (boy) and Angel (girl). BB is a foster bird! He was pretty mistreated and needs a lot of help and understanding. Aunt is very good at that so hopefully, he'll be good as new soon. 

This is Aya. She has been known to bite. She chases our uncle around the house, biting him. That beak can do some damage too. Fortunately, Aya didn't hate mom. She did spend a lot of time giving her the eye though. And she stalked her one time. But no bites. 

These birdies can be really loud. Like smoke alarm, ear-splitting loud. Fortunately, they settled down once aunt came home. After that, hardly a squawk. 

Mom thinks she'll stick with pugs. 
They are pretty and they can talk, but they can also tear your eye out. 
They are incredibly smart. And like all smart creatures, if you don't provide them with stimulation, they will create their own. Like chew the chandelier wires. Or take the keys off the laptop. Aunt has them watch Baby Mozart DVDs and has the kids read to them. 
They need human attention like pugs do. 
Yeah, mom's going to stick with pugs. 


  1. Our Human brother and family have come kinda parrot bird. He is a rescue and has serious issues. Plucks his own feathers all the time so he is naked alot. he can be bitey too. so Mom agrees with yours, stick to pugs.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  2. Our grandpaw has a bird, too! Mama thinks were messy ...

    Hope your Aunt is doing better!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  3. I used to want a cockatoo or an African grey then I realized how smart and high maintenance they were. Way harder ot care for properly then a dog, maybe when I retire

    retro rover

  4. My mama wants a bird, but I think I'm enough for her to handle, so we just go and visit birds in the park. I bark at them. It's fun.

    Love to your Aunt! I hope she's feeling better.

    Lola Pug