Monday, March 24, 2014

Tummy trouble update

We visited the vet this afternoon about my tummy troubles. Dr. Johnson said no birthday burger for a week! Can you believe it! I'm an old lady! I might not last a whole week!

I've also been having some potty issues overnight and my tongue has turned black. I am falling apart! 

This is a seriously unflattering selfie, mom. 

The vet tech had a hunch that my tongue turned black because I've taking Pepto-bismol for a week. Our vet had never heard that before, but we are under strict instructions to report back on my tongue color after stopping Pepto. 
Have any of you ever heard of that? 

Anyway, we got two weeks' worth of antibiotics to battle the bugs.
I'm sleeping it off, just biding my time until my birthday burger. The vet said I was actually on the thin side and could use a few extra treats. 
Bring them on!


  1. Oh Osabelle, I think you are pretty regardless. Hope those new meds work quickly. Keep us posted on the birthday burger. :-)

  2. Thanks for letting us know...we have been hoping that everything went well...we sure hopes you get that burger real deserve it!!!
    stella rose and momma

  3. Prayers are headed your way Isabelle!!!! You need that birthday burger ASAP!

    Love, Gampy

  4. Momma nearly passed out when she saw her black tongue from Pepto. Hope you feel better soon
    Lily & Edward

  5. I hope the new meds work soon!

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. oh no poor baby! I hav enever heard of black tongue but it kinda makes sense

    retro rover

  7. Wow, we have never hears of black tongue. I hope your tummy feels better soon. It turns out I can't eat anything but dog food any more as my stomach will get upset. Turns out it is not so cast iron as it used to be. Think of me when you enjoy your birthday burger as those days are long gone for me. lol


    PS Mom says Hallelujah to your sunshine comment you left yesterday.

  8. Poor baby! This is not fair on your Birthday week! I hope your tummy gets better so you can enjoy that B-day Burger. Not sure if you've tried canned pumpkin before (just pumpkin, not the pumpkin pie mix) but that has helped me when I had some stomach trouble before.