Saturday, September 26, 2015

Next stop, Central Park, Apple Store and the Library

The Met is right next to Central Park. Mom got lunch at a falafel cart (so NYC) and ate it in the park. Then a stroll through some of the park. 
 The reservoir
 The APPLE STORE! MECCA FOR APPLE NERDS! It's a glass cube on top.
 You take a windy ramp down into the actual store (on the left). No time (or money) to visit. 
 The Plaza! Did not see any pugs. 
 Practice, practice, practice did not get her to Carnegie Hall. It was a car! Comparatively speaking, it's a small building for such a huge piece of history. 
 This is the New York Public Library. Mom knew better than to even step foot inside. All those books? She'd never come out. 

Mom knew better than to pose in front of Patience. Fortitude is more her speed.