Saturday, August 13, 2016


First, cute pug picture to ease you into this.

The verdict is in. Mom's having shoulder surgery on August 29. The MRI showed a partially torn rotator cuff (50%). However, the doctor couldn't tell if it was torn badly enough for a total rotator cuff repair because the tear goes under the bone. There's a bone in the shoulder called the acromion. Mom's is curved downward, and it's been tearing into her cuff. Her's is a Type II.

The surgery will be to shave the bone down to stop it from tearing the cuff. If the tear isn't too bad, it will heal with rest and therapy. If, when the doctor gets in there, it's worse than she could see on the MRI, mom will have the rotator cuff repair surgery too.

Best case scenario, mom will be home from work for 2-4 weeks depending on how well she heals (and how compliant she is with rehab). Worst case, 6-8 weeks off work because mom has a standard transmission car. Fortunately (depending on how you look at it), she's been working so much without any time off, she has at least 9 weeks of paid time off saved up. Plus, she earns at least 2 days off each month, even when she's on leave. So, we'll be ok as far as treat money!

Our Nana is flying up from Texas to stay with us for a while since mom won't be able to drive for a while. That ought to be fun. Nana is a total sucker for sad pug eyes and should be good for extra food! Plus, mom will be on pain meds and won't know!

So mom has two weeks to get everything ready. Scrub the house top to bottom. Is the house ever clean enough for a Nana? Probably not. Especially since mom has been basically crippled since February, things have seriously slacked off. Not like she was a stellar housekeeper before. Anyway.

Mom's making 6 weeks worth of dog food for us, so you see where her priorities are! She has bought a few new undergarments and dresses that she can put on with one arm. She's going to make and freeze food for her too. Nana won't be able to stay the whole time. One, she has her own life and her own dog and our grandpa. Two, despite pain meds, this house is not big enough for two large personalities like Nana and mom. And us. And no cable like Nana is used to. Mom won't be able to be a good hostess like she tries to be when Nana visits. Nana will be a mom. It's hard to be mothered when you are 42 and very used to doing things YOUR way and taking care of yourself. It will be hard for both of them.

BUT it will be good practice (and maybe a clear indicator) for when mom and Nana and Papa eventually all live together somewhere else. When we move and they move. In a few years. But having separate spaces, not on top of each other. And not during a crazy election season. Thank pug we don't have cable!

Deb has offered some survival tips, but we are open to more if you have any. We are working on a thingamabob to help mom open jars and bottles with one hand with a friend. Looking for an electric can opener that's easy to use with one hand. Mom's ambidextrous, so this won't be as hard on her as it has been on others. She spent last weekend in a sling to see where the problems would be. Baby gates will be tough. Bottles and jars as mentioned. But she can wash and comb her hair, take a shower, brush her teeth. Sweeping is out. Boo hoo. ;)

So if you have any hints, please let us know. As always, we would appreciate any prayers, good juju and positive thoughts for a speedy recovery and good attitude.

One last cute pug picture to cleanse your palate.


  1. Your mom is going to be busy!
    I hope the surgery works. My mommy did something like that to her shoulder, and its been 2 years, and now all by itself,, its getting better.

  2. Sending good juju, hope you mom heals well and grandma and mom get along OK!

  3. So much going on! I hope everything goes smoothly with your mom's surgery and the recovery period. Make sure you serve as good pug nurses for her! Have fun hanging with your Nana, too - sounds like you will be spoiled. :)


  4. Wow, we're really sorry that the past 18 months have been so difficult for you. We hope the surgery is uncomplicated and your mom heals really quickly. Dad has been watching a lot of Property Brothers lately. You might want to give it a gander in how to declutter and stage a house for sale. As for everything else, big long distance hug coming your way.

    Roxy & Lucky & Mom

  5. We're hoping that mom only needs to get her bone shaved!!! But, we're sure she will take whatever comes her way like the trooper she is! Hopefully Nana can give her the help she needs and she can "let" her! Wish we lived closer to help out!

  6. oh wow! i'll be thinking of you, and hoping the surgery goes well and you have the shorter healing time! I can't imagine the pain you must be in, I had a rotater cuff injury that wasn't very bad (i just had to go to physical therapy for it) and it was so painful!

  7. Sending you lots of pug healing POTP for your surgery next week
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  8. Prayers are with you and your doctors!! Good luck to your mom in dealing with your rascals!!

    Love, Gampy