Friday, August 26, 2011

getting ready for Irene

Mom is busy getting everything ready for the storm. She works for the city of Norfolk so we don't evacuate.
But we should be okay. We are in zone 3 for storm surge. Our house is elevated and the property is elevated. So we should be safe from flooding.
We have a generator and a window air conditioner so we will be comfortable if the power goes out. Our fridge and cupboards are stocked. We have plenty of bully sticks and yak chews to keep us busy.
Our internet is down (not storm related) so posts will be from the blackberry for now.
Mom will so her best to post on Sunday. She has to work that day but will try to sneak in some time to post for us.
We do have our Twitter account 2pugsinapod linked to our page so you might see some info there.
To our northern MidAtlantic friends Minnie and Mack and other folks in the northeast like Wilma and the Devil Dog, you are in our prayers.


  1. We are thinking of you all here in the UK, stay safe.
    Jo & The Pugs xx

  2. Please be safe, ladies! And keep us posted when/if you can. You know, a weekend of bully sticks and yak chews doesn't sound all that bad...

  3. Oh my goodness kids please be safe and put on you life vests in case Hurry Cane Irene comes. All our relatives are in NJ
    Benny & Lily

  4. Stay safe, guys! I sure hope Irene doesn't do any harm to anyone!

  5. Please stay safe and sound! Mom and & will be sending positive thoughts your direction.


  6. Thanks girls! Sounds like you all are ready to weather the storm. Stay safe, and try to puddle between the raindrops!

  7. Good luck-we are sure you will be ok