Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene's still blowing

It's about 3 pm here. The eye of the hurricane is still south of us by about 100 miles. The worst of it should start around 5 pm, go until 10.
So far, there's a bunch of small branches in the yard. And lots of water. Our soil holds the water so we have ponding until it drains.
Lots of streets in our area have flooded and closed. There are five bridge/tunnels combos that lead into our area. Only one is open right now. When the wind is really bad and there's as much rain as we are getting, those tunnels can fill up with water so it's better that they are closed. Bridges over open water like the Chesapeake Bay can be dangerous to be on with the wind gusts.
It's not safe to be outside and the windows are all blurry with rain, so pictures at this point.
We did hear that one little boy has died because a tree fell on his apartment today in Newport News. That's across the Chesapeake Bay from us. A few more people in North Carolina have died as well. Although we are still okay, please keep praying for everyone in the path of this storm. Pray that everyone has common sense to stay home, be on the lowest level of their house and don't take any risks.


  1. Thanks for the update! I hope the rest of the storm passes uneventfully! Stay inside and dry!! :)

  2. Barton down the hatches. Thanks for the update, glad you all are safe. Holy moly, the hurricane looks scary, Mom has the tv tuned to the weather channel.


  3. We're keeping our paws crossed for you guys and our other blogging friends in harms way.
    God be with you.

    Minnie and Mack

  4. We are glad to hear from you all we have been surfing WTKR and WAVY websites seeing if you all are doing ok out there. Stay safe!

    The Girls