Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whole lotta shaking going on

As you've probably heard, we had an earthquake here today. 
The epicenter was about 130 miles northwest of Norfolk. 
Mom's office is on the 7th floor of her building. 
She said it shook enough to make her grab for the wall to stay standing up!
Pretty scary for her.
But no damage here at all, thank God.

But when mom came home. she got stung by bees. Isn't that a kick in the pants?
She's never been stung before so she immediately took some Benadryl. Now, Benadryl would make most people a little sleepy. But after all the excitement of the day, she's still wired.

Now, we are preparing for Hurricane Irene's arrival this weekend. Not looking forward to that one at all. But mom has gas, a generator, plenty of food and water containers. And we are hoping to get an window AC unit tomorrow. Ordered it online, hoping to pick it up at the store. 
If that works out, we will be sitting pretty. If not, can we move in with someone with air conditioning?


  1. My, you are having an exciting time of it, aren't you? You are certainly welcome here but mom thinks it's a 12 hour drive and you may not want to do that. You still are welcome. Last night it went down to the 50's. Great sleeping weather.

    Take care.

    Roxy & Lucky

  2. I'm so glad you girls are ok! Thanks for posting and letting us know. Give your mom lots of extra kisses for quite an eventful day she had! Make sure to let us know how everyone fairs with the hurricane...you just can't catch a break, huh? We'll be thinking and praying for you girls.

  3. Glad every one is safe and sound, sounds like the shaking was scary! I wish you could divert Irene to Texas, we need the rain so desperately.

    Great emergency plan, food, water, generator & the important a/c! Hope you have a weather radio too.

    Stay safe.


  4. You could always stay with us. Of course, we're about 2000 miles away, but we've got lots of extra rooms, plenty of yard space, and lots of stuffies. If that doesn't work for ya, do your best to take care of your Mom and stay safe. (Oh, and our Mom got stung by a yellowjacket several days ago, and her arm was swollen and super itchy, so she feels you Mom's pain. Literally!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  5. So glad you are allmOK. Weird about the bees. They must've been unsettled due to the quake too. Younguys could always come right up the coast ahead of the storm and stay with us.. We are fully climate controlled!

  6. Glad you are all Ok after the earthquake. Here in the UK we only get tremors so I have no idea what an earthquake is like, but I bet it is scary! Stay safe.
    Jo & The Pugs xxxx

  7. Now I've never been in an earthquake but mommy says they are scary... Hope you all are ok and not too shook up.

    Hugs & Kisses

  8. Im glad you guys are ok. I think the bees where freaked by the quake or the oncoming bad weather. Bees are sensitive. My dad had a bee hive when I was a kid and they always where weird before a thunderstorm

  9. So glad you're ok!! Please keep us posted on how you do with the hurricane!! We'll be thinking of you!!



  10. We were wondering how you all were doing. Be safe when Irene comes. We guess that you are hopefully not in a big flood zone even though you are in Norfolk....makes us worry for you all. You have had some very crazy weather this year...all the snow,, heat earthquake now a hurricane. Be safe.

    hope those bees don't bother you again.

    Jenn and the Girls

  11. Whew, that is scary! We are glad you are ok. Hope you guys are safe through the hurricane too.


  12. SFP, honeys.....I am REAL glad tuh know y'all are okay!

    Now I've never met this Irene gal but she sounds like a royal pain in the you know whut. Tell 'er tuh go visit some place else!

    Uh, soooo.....yer mom "has gas". Well, um....not real sure we needed tuh know that but thanks fer the update, honeys.

  13. Just watched an update on Irene, praying you all will be safe & sound


  14. glad you all survived! if only all that rumbling had shaken loose some treats from the sky...