Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bright eyed and curly tailed!

Petunia at the keyboard today! 
I went to the ophthalmologist today, all the way in Chesapeake and all by myself with mom. 
It was a beautiful day and I had a blast looking out the window at all the cars. 
But then we got there and immediately my tail drooped. 

As soon as we walked in, I knew we were at a vet's office. It just smelled wrong!

This clinic is for specialties like surgery, allergy and dermatology and opthalmology. 

We sat between the eye clinic and the allergy clinic. The allergy people LOVED me! Because I was a pug, they thought I was there to see them! Nope, my skin is pretty good, thank you very much. 

I was very concerned that the vet was going to poke me and put gunk in my eyes and take my temperature!

But nope, none of that.  I was a big baby and shook like a leaf! The vet rubbed my ears and said they didn't eat little doggies like me. (Um, hope so!)
She just looked into my eyes with lights. No poking or anything!

She gave us good news though. The spot that looked like a wrinkle was gone, just a little scar on my cornea that had already healed over. I did have a little pigmentation on that eye, but it wasn't bad enough to do anything about. My other eye was gorgeous! The vet said so. 

The best part was the cookie I got! You can see in that picture above that there were TREATS on the counter! I did my best to get to them, but unfortunately, they had chicken in them. The vet went to get me a special non-chicken treat that I totally snarfed down. 

PS, there was a pug painting on the allergy side. I was not impressed. 
Although the jacket would be cute in pink!

So, we are all clear on the eye ball problem! Whoo for me and hoo for mom's bank account!


  1. Yippers!!! We are glad your lil eyeball is good. We remember that place seemed almost every time we went we met another pugger too.

  2. Yay! That is such good news, Petunia! A trip to the vet is always worth a treat or two or three so I'm glad they had one you could eat. Tell your sisters that I said Hi!

  3. That is way better than we thought! We were worried for you when we started reading this but no big deal, and a cookie to boot! Not bad at all. Glad you are doing better!
    ~Douglas & Norman

  4. We are so glad that your eyes are A-OK. Tubby and our angel sister Zira had scratches on their cornea and our regular vet gave a week of drops and they went a way so we did not need to see the Opthamologist. We were so happy!

    urban hounds

  5. We are all so glad here that you got great news at the eye doc and a treat!! My mom liked that pic of the pug...we also have eye problems at our house, turd and me...lots of scarring on my eyes and turds are scratched...we have icky eye drops also...have a great thursday!
    stella rose

  6. I'm so glad you got a clean bill of health on your eye! YAYYYY!

  7. Wow, good news Petunia dear!! No butt prodding or eye prodding at all. Can I switch to your eye vet because mine pokes and prods my glaucoma'd eye to kingdom come.


  8. Hi Petunia! Yeah, I know that vet smell. They try to trick you by putting pictures of dogs and cats all over the place to make us think we're going to an art museum for pets or something but once you get of whiff of that smell, you know you've been duped.

    I'm glad to hear everything went well and your little eyes are A-OK!


    P.S. I love the "pop goes the pug" poem you guys wrote on my blog the other day! Thank you!