Saturday, September 22, 2012

What a day!

OMP! Today has been a big day and it's not even over yet!

First, it's mom's birthday. 
She's 39 for real. 
From her mom, she got the 60th anniversary collector's edition of Singin' in the Rain. 
It's her favorite movie ever. 
Note the tiara

It came with an umbrella!

 There's a book and tiny replica movie posters and three discs worth of extras!

This morning was also our city's inaugural Front Porch Summit. It's a chance for the neighborhoods to get together and share. We talked about what we have been able to do, what we want to do, where we can improve. Our neighborhood had won a grant earlier this year to make improvements at our dog park so they asked us to talk to folks about how that process went. 

There were also awards! Our neighborhood won two! One for the best Block by Block grant and the overall COOL award! It was so exciting!

And the city unveiled its newest mermaid! If you've even been to Norfolk, you'll have seen the many mermaids we have. It's our city's symbol, and artists have created special mermaids that are placed all over the city. There's even a Mermaid Trail

So after winning our award, we went to get our picture taken with the mermaid. 
If you enlarge the picture, you can see that mom is in fact wearing her tiara. And yes, that's Isabelle, breaking the rules and being inside City Hall!

So we are looking at the mermaid, this mermaid that will stand for years inside City Hall, and what do we see? A picture of us! Here we are at Barktoberfest! One of the many dog festivals mom has organized to raise money for the dog park! 

We are immortalized! 

Mom got a little teary-eyed, thus the not so clear picture. 
She'll get a better one Monday when she goes back to work. 

Isn't she gorgeous? She represents all the neighborhoods in our city. We are so proud to be canine citizens of Norfolk, helping to make this a great place to live. 


  1. Happiest of birthdays from me and my people up here in Canadialand!

    Love and snorts,

    Lola Pug

  2. How cool! And a very happy birthday to your Mama! I have an X-File friend who now lives in Norfolk! And, well, I'm sorta looking to move to Virginia, maybe, too!

    Karen and Riley

  3. Happy birthday mom! That video set is pretty cool, love the umbrella, a few years ago our mom got a special edition of the wizard of oz with green glasses, we thought that was cool but the umbrella tops it! The mermaid is great and we love that the commentator before us mentioned XFiles!

    urban hounds

  4. First happy birthday!!! Wow such great news winning the grants and awards for the block. Great job! Being on the mermaid what an honor...and I love that Isabelle broke the rules for the picture!

    Jenn and The Girls

  5. This post was jam packed with the best news! Your mom took you guys on a birthday trip to see a mermaid that you are a part of in city hall! Crazy good!

  6. First of all my mom says she was 39 like 139 years Happy 39th Brithday!! Second, what a ultra cool mermail and with your pictures on it!!! Wow!!!!
    happy birthday again!
    stella rose

  7. Happy belated Birthday to your mama! We hope you gave her lots of kisses ...

    Love the mermaid!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  8. What a great day

    Stop on by for a visit