Friday, September 14, 2012

Tallulah and the Giant Peach

Well, it wasn't really giant, but the title is catchy. 

On Wednesday, Tallulah decided to eat a peach. She managed to sneak into a grocery bag that held the peaches, pull one out and eat half of it before mom could walk around the corner of the kitchen. Not only did she eat half the flesh of the peach, she ate the pit. 

Now, you may not know it, but peach pits are not dog friendly. The pit can cause blockages in the intestines, requiring surgery. And you know that would be in the middle of the night on the weekend or something. The seeds inside contain amygdalin which is a compound of cyanide and sugar. 

Mom called the vet right away. 
Thankfully, our vet knows us (too well!) and told mom what to do. She didn't suggest inducing vomiting because the pit could get stuck in the throat. She said that if Tallulah did chew the pit and get to the seed, unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done if the pit contained enough of the compound to be fatal. So that was a real cheery morning. 
Otherwise, the vet said to watch Tallulah's poop. 

And the poop watch was on. 
Mom not only closely watched Tallulah do her business, she had to THOROUGHLY investigate the poop, if you know what we mean. That involved latex gloves and a flashlight at times. The vet said that if the pit was going to pass, it should do it by today. If not, an exam and possibly surgery was in order. It would be better to figure out where it was and get it out before a blockage happened.

Thank pug, it came out this afternoon! We will spare you the photo of that one. 

Now, if your pet eats a peach pit, be sure to call your vet. This could have worked out much differently. Fortunately for us, the peach was a white peach which has a smaller pit and is smooth which doesn't irritate the bowels. It actually looked like a big almond. Ewww, right? 

Anyway, Tallulah's day just got peachier. (snerk) Hope your weekend isn't the pits!


  1. Tallulah you sneaker!!! We are glad to hear it passed and you are ok, but man I bet your Mom was stressed.

    PS love the last two lines of the post hee hee!!

  2. Oh my pug, that is so scary! Tallulah, you and your sisters need to stop giving your mom a hard time. But I bet you enjoyed your sneaky treat anyway.

  3. Sheesh how scary! Your poor mom. Norbert loves fruit and once ate an entire large fruitbowl of apples and oranges (thankfully no peaches) with no ill effects except some tummy upset

    urban hounds

  4. OMP what a scare! thank goodness it was pooped right outs!


  5. That is not the way to get moms attention young lady. Glad you are ok
    Benny & Lily

  6. Oh my, I'm sure glad everything worked its way out in the end (so to speak) and that no damage to little Tallulah was done! Hope your weekend gets better!

    Riley (and Karen)

  7. Shame on you, Tallulah! You know your mama would have shared that peach with you ... if you had waited! But we understand - why SHARE if you can have the whole thing!?!

    Glad you are okay!!!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  8. gosh! i never knew a peach pit could be so dangerous! i'm glad it came out with no problems. what a naughty girl!

  9. OMP Tallulah!!! I'm so glad you are ok. Now that it's all over, it's good that you guys can laugh about it. I can't believe your mom had to rummage through your, um, "business" sure owe her one! Be sure to give her lots of snuggles...and FOR PUG'S SAKE...don't eat any more peaches! Or at least spit out the pit. ;)


  10. Yikes Tallulah! You were naughty. Not that I wouldn't have done the same thing if given the chance, but still :) Close call fur sure. Definitely glad the moment of danger "passed"..pun intended.